One day tour – From Lian to Baklandet

This short tour from the outskirts of Trondheim to the historic Baklandet takes you through the last leg of the pilgrim route to Nidaros Cathedral.

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  • Foto: Visit Trondheim

Take the charming GråkallBanen tram from downtown Trondheim to its end station at Lian. You’ll now find yourself in a scenic recreational area, popular among the local residents. The lake here, Lianvannet, used to be a favorite swimming spot during the summer and a site for trotting when the lake froze in the winter. The beautiful Lian Restaurant, one of Trondheim’s oldest and most characteristic restaurants, is situated in the hill above the tram stop.

Walk northeast from the restaurant along the itinerary until you reach Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum. Stroll around the historic buildings and let centuries of Norwegian culture and everyday life unfold before your eyes. The museum was established 100 years ago and contains over 60 traditional vintage buildings from the Trøndelag region, from mountain cabins to coastal huts and city mansions. Before you move along visit Café Bagle and taste local highlights such as smoked salmon baguette, traditional cakes or one of their delicious buns.

One of the houses from Trøndelag at Sverresborg. Photo: Visit Trondheim

Continue towards the city and take a break at Feginsbrekkja – the magnificent viewpoint of Nidaros marking the beginning of the end for thousands of pilgrims before you. As you reach the outskirts of the city center pass the characteristic stone church Ilen Church and walk along the river Nidelven until you reach Nidaros Cathedral, St.Olav’s burial church and final destination of the St.Olav Ways. The cathedral is the only one in Norway and the largest medieval church in the Nordic countries. Work on the cathedral started in 1070 and was finished sometime around 1300. Since then it has lived through several fires, restorations and expansions. Formally the church was not completed until 2001. Spend some time here, take in the atmosphere and be amazed.

From Nidaros Cathedral, walk eastwards and cross Bakke Bridge towards Baklandet. This characteristic old neighborhood is one of the major tourist attractions in Trondheim and is dominated by small wooden houses and narrow cobblestone streets. Many of the wharf houses facing Nidelven River has been renovated and turned into cozy and distinctive coffee shops, bars and restaurants. We recommend that you visit Baklandet Skydsstation, café of the year in 2012 according to National Geographic. This traditional café serving Norwegian cuisine has a special Pilgrim Menu sure to satisfy your appetite.

Baklandet. Photo: Visit Trondheim

Go back towards Nidaros Cathedral and end your tour at Nidaros Pilgrim Centre. The centre hosts pilgrims from near and far and is situated just beneath the cathedral, in a quiet oasis by the river Nidelven.

Distance and altitude
Lian to Baklandet - approx. 8 km
Approx. 260 meter difference in altitude

8 km 3 hours
Feginsbrekka - the hill of joy

Feginsbrekka - the hill of joy

Fra toppen av Steinberget er utsikten over byen uslåelig.

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