Egersund - Bergen - Trondheim
1080 KM 24 days
A spectacular and beautiful journey along the coast with fjords, islands, islets and reefs - a saga from Viking to pilgrimage.

The coast pilgrimage is a beautiful and spectacular journey along Norway's most important road. The journey starts in Egersund and ends at the national sanctuary of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Both Norwegian and foreign pilgrimage pilgrimage along the coastal route to Nidaros, which was the most important pilgrimage destination in Northern Europe until the Reformation in 1537.

Faster to travel by sea

Most likely, our pilgrimage was based on cities along the West Coast coastal foothills along the coastline. It was faster to get on a boat than on land. In the Middle Ages, natural ports were utilized along the shore, and at the most important ports were mounted moorings that the ship could moor. Most seafaring pilgrims did not own ships, nor could they afford to pay for them, so it was common to hire as a crew.

Viking king Olav Haraldsson

The Viking king Olav Haraldsson, later Saint Olav, was himself an experienced seafarer - not least after traveling with the Viking for many years. Along the entire coast we find phenomena that people have explained through the saintly king's deeds and actions. For example, Olav is said to have opened the sound at Tysnesøy in Sunnhordland and the Korssundet at Eivindvik in Sogn. In the mountain Hornelen in Bremanger in Sogn Olav must have a troll in stone - which today stands in the mountainside and can see from the sailing trail.

The Olav letter at Kystpilegrimsleia

A pilgrim who has traveled along the coast and collected at least 6 stamps from the various numbered key places along the path of the pilgrim pass, as well as a recent stamp from the Nidaros Cathedral is entitled to the Olav letter, distributed at Nidaros Pilgrim Center in Trondheim.

Key places:

1. Egersund

2. Obrestad fyr/Hå gamle prestegard

3. Stavanger domkirke

4. Utstein kloster/Utstein pilegrimsgard

5. Avaldsnes

6. Mosterhamn

7. Halsnøy kloster

8. Bergen (St. Sunniva, Mariakirken, Lysekloster)

9. Kongshaugen på Seim

10. Kongsgarden på Lygra

11. Eivindvik/Gulatinget

12. Hyllestad/Kvernsteinsparken

13. Svanøy Hovedgård

14. Kinn

15. Selja

16. Herøy gamle kyrkjestad, Herøy Kystmuseum

17. Borgund

18. Giske

19. Veøy

20. Kvernes

21. Smøla/Edøy

22. Hitra/Dolm kyrkje/Hopsjø handelsstad

23. Frøya, Sula

24. Ørland: Austrått/Ørland kirke

25. Indre Fosen: Reins kloster/Museet Kystens Arv

26. Trondheim, Nidarosdomen

Frequently asked questions

Where do I buy the pilgrim passport?

You can buy the pilgrim passport at the Pilgrim Center ar Avaldsnes, and at several places along Kystpilegrimsleia, check our overview here. Alternatively you can buy the passport in the online store

Are there guidebooks for Kystpilegrimsleia?

Unfortunately not at this point, but it is planned to publish a guidebook for the Coast Pilgrimage in 2020.

What is the average distance of traveling per day?

Pilgrims walk on average 20 km per day. Along the coastal pilgrimage trail, it is assumed that in addition to hiking one must travel by public transport from key place to key place, and this often becomes longer distances by boat or bus. The daily stages here vary with the local conditions for public transport.

If a paddle or rudder, it is normal for one to manage approx. 25 km per day. Here, weather, wind, current and waves will be very crucial for progress.

If one uses traditional sail / motor boats, these are often "slow moving" vessels; which will take longer than public transport. Traditional sailboats / motorboats are seldom accessible, and are most often set up in connection with joint / package tours; and they are advertised with registration and a limited number of seats.

How long does it take to travel the entire Kystpilegrimsleia?

The coastal pilgrimage trail has 26 key places from Egersund to Trondheim, to which one can travel and pilgrimage. If one is to visit all the key locations, one should plan to use approx. 20 days or more.

Is it safe to travel the Kystpilegrimsleia alone?

It is safe to travel alone along the coast, and it is assumed that the traveler takes into account the weather and climate along the Coast Pilgrimage Trail.

Can I order luggage transport?

The only option for shipping luggage is with scheduled and public transport.

How is the level of accommodation?

The level of accommodation varies greatly, from simple self-catering cottages, to pilgrim hostels or hotels.

Do you need to book accommodation in advance?

We recommend that you reserve a place at the pilgrim hostels in advance. The accommodations along the Kystpilegrimsleia are usually small hostels with few beds. For that reason, it is advisable to secure a bed a few days before arriving.

Are the churches open?

Along the Kystpilegrimsleia there are many beautiful churches, but unfortunately not all churches are open when a pilgrim is passing/visiting. If you meet a closed door, check if there is information available which might say something about pilgrim offerings. Many congregations open the church outside opening hours for pilgrims by request. Information about open churches:

Which footwear should I choose?

We recommend hiking boots with good cushioning and durability. Some pilgrims choose mountain boots, some choose Gore-Tex, and some choose technical running shoes or sandals. Choice of shoes is individual and depends a bit on which stages you choose to go and what surface you’ll walk on.

Is the Kystpilegrimsleia well marked?

The coastal pilgrimage trail is not a continuous marked hiking trail from Egersund to Trondheim. The key locations are well marked, and some hiking trails are well marked. we recommend that you bring with you map and compass for safety reasons.

I've packed too much and the bag is too heavy to carry, what do I do?

Send excess content by mail.

How is the weather?

The weather forecast can be found at

Harbours along the Kystpilegrimsleia?

If you want to travel by own boat, there are a large number of registered harbours for small boats and larger vessels along the Coast Pilgrim Trail. Here you will find an overview of Norwegian registered harbours:

Can I do a pilgrimage with my dog?

It is quite possible to do a pilgrimage with your dog, but there are some things to keep in mind. It is strongly recommended to keep your dog on a leash at all times as you go through a lot of pasture where you can meet pasture animals. By law, dogs should be on a leash from April to August, in some places it is extended.

In some areas the dog must also be able to climb stairs that have been set up to help cross fences. If not, the dog must be lifted over. For accommodation with a dog in the room this must be agreed with the owners.

Need more help?

If you need more help or guidance, we are always ready to help you. Contact me, Lasse, and either I will answer you or one of my colleagues in the pilgtim network. Save time by checking if the answer to your question already exists on Frequently Asked Questions.

Key places at Kystpilegrimsleia

As you travel you will come across one cultural treasure after another laid out before you like pearls on a string. Visit some of the most unique accomodations along the Kystpilegrimsleia:

1. Eigersund Kirke

2. Jærkysten med Oberstad fyr/ Hå gamle prestegard

3. Stavanger Domkirke

4. Obrestad Fyr/Hå Gamle Prestegard

5. Bukkøy, Olavskirken Avaldsnes, Gard Steinkors

6. Utstein Kloster

7. Olavskirken Avaldsnes

8. Gard Steinkors

9. Moster Amfi / kirke

10. Halsnøy Kloster

11. Bergen: Lyse Kloster

12. Bergen: Fana Krk, Maria kirken

13. Kinn Kirke

14. Selja Kloster

15. Krossteigen / Gulatinget

16. Hyllestad Steinpark

17. Svanøy Hovedgård / Steinkors

18. Ålesund - Borgundgavlen, Giske gml. Kirke

19. Averøy - Kvernes Stavkirke

20. Herøy - Kystmuseum

21. Molde - Veøy gml. Krk. Pilgrimstien, slaget ved Sekken

22. Smøla: Kulisteinen, Edøy gml. Krk.

23. Ørland: Aurstråttborgen, Ørland kirke

24. Hitra: Dolm Kirke

25. Frøya: Sula krk.& Fyr

26. Rissa: Rein Kloster, Museet Kystens arv

27. Trondheim: Nidarosdomen

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