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National Pilgrim Center

National Pilgrim Centre is responsible for the public pilgrimage development in Norway, coordinating and prioritizing tasks and resources. The public pilgrim routes in Norway are meant to function as incubators for positive and sustainable development. The pilgrim routes are open for all.

Reports and statistics

Every year reports and statistics are produced on the basis of activities and available documentation.


NPS is engaged in both small and large projects, nationally and internationally in cooperation with the pilgrimage initiative's stakeholders.

Logo and profile

The logo is the official brand of St. Olav ways. The logo is used to mark and promote the officially approved St. Olav's Roads, and is the main element of the Pilgrim Route's graphic profile. All use of the logo must be approved by NPS.

Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

NPS is "Route Management" for Nordic co-operation on the status of European Cultural Route for the Pilgrim Route - St. Olav ways. The work is organized through the member association "Association for the Cultural Route of St. Olav Ways" (ACSOW).


Hans Morten Løvrød
Tlf: (+47) 402 40 092
Department Director
Mattias Jansson
Tlf: (+47) 952 95 953
Product Coordinator
Lisa Skjellfjord
Tlf: (+47) 977 29 953
Project Manager
Cathrine Michaelsen Wikstrøm
Tlf: +4745211847
Marketing Consultant
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