Gløshaugen – Stiklestad
135 KM 7 days
Gløshaug Church in Grong marks the start for this pilgrim path. On its way south it passes many sites and places with strong links to St. Olav's heritage, with Megard Church being one of the most prominent.

Before a coherent road was opened in 1924, connecting the counties Trøndelag and Nordland, almost all communication between north of Norway and south of Norway took place along the coast. In the middle ages Gløshaug Church, together with Kongsmoen, lay as the outer point for the northbound country roads.

The stretch from Grong via Megard to Stiklestad is strongly connected to the heritage of St. Olav, in the shape of churches, church art, holy water sources and other traditions. The path, crossing Snåsa, Ogndal and Henning, has varied terrain and you'll pass diverse farmland and beautiful scenery.

How to do a pilgrimage on the Nordleden?

Nordleden lacks accommodation and is best suited for pilgrims who prefers tents and sleeping bags, and who can orient themselves by map and compass. The trail is unmarked.

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