Halden - Sarpsborg - Ås - Oslo
176 KM 9 days
The highlights along Borgleden in the south eastern part of Norway are many in a beautiful and lush agricultural landscape.

Through a varied and lush landscape you can experience the Borgleden from the Swedish border in Halden, through the south eastern part of Norway all the way to Oslo. Have a look at the recommended pilgrimage which is suitable for day trips, short walks or as part of a long walk.

How to do a pilgrimage on the Borgleden?

At Borgleden you can choose between accommodation and dining on small and large farms, hotels in the cities or an apartment / cottage on a campsite. Along the path you can see idyllic towns, farms, medieval churches, manor houses and several museums as well as numerous cultural monuments from the Iron Age and the Bronze Age. The path is unevenly marked, use of maps and compass is recommended.

Borgleden in the Son area. Photo: Hanne Huseby
Foto: Hanne Huseby
Borgarsyssel museum in Sarpsborg is a great place to visit on your pilgrimage.
Make sure you check out the sculpture of the young Olav Haraldsson while visiting Sarpsborg.
By the river Aagardselva pilgrims can rest their legs.
Frequently asked questions

Where do I buy the pilgrim pass?

You can buy the pilgrim pass at the online store

Where to stay at Borgleden?

At Borgleden you can choose accommodation and dining on small and large farms, hotels in the cities or an apartment / cottage on a campsite. We recommend that you book accommodation a few days before you arrive at the property.

Are there open churches along Borgleden?

There are several beautiful churches along Borgleden, but unfortunately not all churches are open when a pilgrim is passing. If you meet a closed door, please check if there is any information available nearby, many congregations will open the church outside opening hours for pilgrims.

How is the terrain on Borgleden?

Borgleden goes through a varied and lush agricultural landscape, which varies between carriageways, trails and asphalt on longer stretches. Read more on how to prepare and choose the right equipment for your pilgrimage.

What footwear should I choose?

We recommend pilgrims to wear hiking boots with good cushioning and durability. Some choose mountain boots, some choose Gore-Tex, some choose technical running shoes with breathing and some wear sandals.

Is Borgleden well marked?

The signposting is fairly good. However, we recommend that you use maps and compasses.

Route suggestions along Borgleden

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