Regional Pilgrim Centers

There are 12 regional pilgrimage centers in Norway. Pilgrims are welcome to contact the centers before or during the pilgrimage, to seek advice about the local area and walking conditions.

Pilgrim centers

What do they do?

The regional pilgrim centres work in many areas. Networking and cooperating with the local businesses is one of their main tasks. Cooperating with the municipality , churches, county municipalities, voluntary teams and organizations, museums and more, is also part of their job in order to develop a sustainable tourism in their area and an economic growth based in culture and nature. With a large network of key partners, they facilitate good experiences along St. Olav ways, The Pilgrim Paths to Trondheim. The work by the regional pilgrim centres is coordinated by National Pilgrim Center

Volunteers and the municipality are important contributors in marking and clearing the path.

Good cooperation is the key

Together with the municipality, church, county municipality, voluntary teams and organizations, museums and many more key partners, regional pilgrim centers work to stimulate pilgrimage and sustainable tourism in their regions. Represented here by the Oslo Pilgrim Center, which together with skilled partners provide signage in the Bærum region.
Several regional pilgrim centers are actively working to develop sustainable tourism on the Pilgrim Trail. Here represented by the Pilgrim Center Dale-Gudbrand who represents the Pilgrim Trail at the tourism fair in Madrid, Spain.