Cultural Heritage

Feginsbrekka - the hill of joy

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
From the top of Steinberget the view over the city is unbeatable.

Feginsbrekka, which can be translated as "The Happy hill", was the place where pilgrims saw the cathedral for the first time. Here they kneeled, crossed themselves and prayed.
King Sverre did the same thing when he came here in 1179 on the morning before the battle at Kalvskinnet.

From the saga of King Sverre:
"When he came over the hill to Feginsbrekke, he dismounted, fell on his knees and prayed."

We don't know exactly where the historical Feginsbrekka is today, but its view is probably obscured by modern buildings. To get a sense of the same views as they did in the Middle Ages, the pilgrim path is now marked with a small detour towards the view.

(Picture taken from "Utsikten".)

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