Pilegrimsleden | Tønsberg - Åsgårdstrand (Borre)

Tønsberg - Åsgårdstrand (Borre)

14 KM
1 day
Walk through Norway's oldest street in Tønsberg, across Slottsfjellet, through the pine forests on old farm roads along the Slagendalen to the town of Åsgårdstrand and the house of Edvard Munch.
Easy route
Situated along Tunsbergleden

Tunsbergleden goes through the town center of Tønsberg along Storgaten, a street that has been in use since the Viking Age. From Slottsfjellet and Frodeåsen there are many viewpoints. In Åsgårdstrand you can visit the house of the famous artist Edvard Munch and spend the night at the Grand Hotel Åsgårdstrand with a pilgrim price. If you want to continue to Borre, the pilgrim path follows the coast in a beautiful nature reserve. At Borre lies a medieval church and between the church and the fjord you’ll find the world's largest collection of large heaps from the Viking Age, the Midgard Viking Center and the Guild Hall. There are accommodation possibilities near the Guild Hall on RS Noatun and at Thon Hotel Horten in the city center near the ferry terminal. The ferry to Moss provides a connection to trains, and to Borgleden on the eastside of the fjord.

Recommended period:

April - October

Note that there will be restrictions on the ferry connection between Engø and Tenvik pier. Plan your trip well if you are going to try this recommended walk.


  • Flights: Torp Sandefjord airport, shuttle bus for trains
  • Train: From Oslo / Skien to Larvik, Sandefjord, Tønsberg, Holmestrand and Sande stations
  • Taxi: From Skoppum station
  • Stay: Book accommodation well in advance


  • Public transport: Bus or train (www.vy.no)
  • Flight: Torp Sandefjord airport

Additional information:

  • Simple terrain, little hilly, asphalt, dirt roads and forest trails
  • Follow the markings along the path
  • Show consideration near private buildings and on private land
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