The Rombo Path

Tydal – Selbu – Malvik – Nidaros

The Rombo path is not only the oldest pilgrim path in Norway; it is also an important connection between two important Nordic saints; Saint Olaf and Saint Birgitta of Sweden. Take a journey beyond borders; your own, and the old borders that connect the rich Swedish forests with Norway’s wild and wonderful countryside.

Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims, merchants and government officials across the the border at Skarddøra in Tydal, alongside Selbusjøens shiny surface and through the forests of Malvik towards Trondheim. The Rombo path can with certainty be said to be an old road for many people whom for centuries have made trade and cultural exchanges.

At Skarddøra, on the border to Sweden, two old pilgrim paths connects; the Rombo path and the Jämt-Norway path. From here the path goes down through Tydalen and Neadalen towards Selbu. The path offer wonderful countryside with beautiful view of a massive mountain range.

Towards Selbu you will experience varied nature and open mountain scenery, lush woodlands and fertile farmland. You will pass Selbu church, which most likely were of great importance for the pilgrims in the Middle Ages. The path continues through the forests of Malvik to Saksvikkorsen where you can see the spire of the Cathedral and your goal.

At both ends of the Rombo path is a cities which both are home to an important saint – Saint Olaf in Trondheim and Saint Birgitta in Vadstena. Also the Rombo path is transnational and in the mountain regions along the border you have the possibility to experience traditional Sámi culture.

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