190 KM
9 days
Tunsbergleden starts in Larvik and ends after 190 kilometers at Haslum church in Bærum. Here you can experience Vestfold's cultural history from the Middle Ages, urban outdoor life and not least long walks through the county.
Situated along Tunsbergleden

Larvik - Tønsberg - Bærum

Difficulty: Easy

Type of terrain:
Easily accessible terrain, little hilly, asphalt, gravel roads and forest paths

This trail is suitable for most people, is easily accessible and can be walked both in stages and continuously. The choice of accommodation is varied, with both small hostels, campsites, hotels and traditional accommodation and restaurants.

Tunsbergleden starts in Larvik at the outlet of Numedalslågen and goes via Sandefjord, Tønsberg and Åsgårdstrand to Haslum church in Bærum, where the trail meets Gudbrandsdalsleden. The path goes through lush landscapes, residential areas with everyday life, historic city centers and thousand-year-old farm roads.

Large parts of Tunsbergleden follow roads that have been in use since the Middle Ages and historical cultural experiences are close by, such as the historical points of interest dating back to the Viking area like Kaupang, Istrehågan, Gokstadhaugen and Borrehaugene. In addition, you can visit Vikingodden in Tønsberg and Midtgard Vikingsenter and Gildehallen in Borre.

The trail is partially marked. If you download the app to UT.no, you can follow your journey on a mobile phone with GPS positioning along the pilgrimage route through Larvik, Sandefjord, Færder, Tønsberg, Horten and Holmestrand.

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