375 KM
21 days
Østerdalen valley has long traditions for pilgrimage. For those who want to focus on beautiful nature and cultural landscapes and want a pilgrimage on a low-cost budget, Østerdalsleden is a good choice.
Situated along Østerdalsleden

Trysil/Rena - Tynset - Trondheim

In the late Middle Ages, there was a lot of traffic here between the pilgrimage site of St. Olavs burial church in Trondheim (Nidaros) and Vadstena (home to the Swedish saint, Saint Birgitta). Here you can walk in quiet and peaceful areas with varied and beautiful nature and a rich wildlife.

Difficulty: Demanding

Type of terrain: Forests, mountain areas and some valleys.

This is a path that is best suited for the experienced outdoor pilgrim who has good knowledge of maps and compasses. It is demanding due to the terrain and because accommodation takes place largely in forest arches and huts or on campsites. You must therefore be prepared to carry with you food and camping gear.

The trail has two starting points: At the milestone in Lutnes in Trysil right on the border with Sweden or from Nesvangen at the pilgrimage site on Rena. The two paths meet in Åkre in Rendalen by a two meter high pilgrimage stone from the Middle Ages.

So which starting point to choose?

From Trysil you will experience Norwegian wilderness with mountain terrain, birch forest, pine forest and some swamp terrain. This stretch is well suited for those who want a challenge.

From Rena, the hike goes through beautiful eastern Norwegian nature, in dense spruce forests, open pine forests with soft reindeer lichen and cranberry heather and over easy mountain areas with several elements of idyllic cultural landscapes.

Regardless of the choice, it is beautiful nature experiences, historical roads and untouched nature that are at the forefront of Østerdalsleden.

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