Gudbrandsdalsleden: Oslo - Trondheim

643 KM
32 days
Gudbrandsdalsleden was the main road to Nidaros in the Middle Ages. Walk in historical paths through local communities, small towns and nature and experience tombs, historically important places, beautiful churches and preserved buildings from the Middle Ages
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Foto: Eskil Roll

Oslo - Gjøvik/Hamar - Trondheim

Difficulty: Easy, medium, demanding

Type of terrain: The trail is long and is therefore very varied.

This is a trail that is suitable for most people, it is well marked and can be walked both in stages and as a long hike. It is also easily accessible by public transport like train.

Gudbrandsdalsleden is Norway's longest hiking trail. This was the main road from Oslo to Nidaros in the Middle Ages and is one of the most visited and developed pilgrimage routes in Norway.

The trail starts at the ruins of St. Hallvard Cathedral in Oslo. Here is the milestone that shows that you have 643 kilometers in front of you if you are going to go all the way to Trondheim. You can choose between the eastern or western route past Lake Mjøsa or combine the two by taking the world's oldest wheeled steamer and official pilgrimage boat, Skibladner. The first part of the trail goes through the city, cultural landscape and forest.

The two routes meet again in Lillehammer and here Gudbrandsdalen begins. The pilgrim route runs here along the river Gudbrandsdalslågen in partly sloping terrain.

The trail continues further up on Dovrefjellet up to 1200 masl. The area is dominated by mountain scenery, it is sparsely populated and there is no direct local supply during the next 100 km to Oppdal.

From Oppdal to Trondheim, it is mostly forests and cultural landscapes that characterize the trail

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Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl

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