Cultural Heritage

Steinvikholm Castle

Situated along St. Olavsleden
Foto: Fortidsminneforeningen
Welcome to beautiful Ã…senfjorden and Steinvikholm castle, a castle fortress built by Norway's last archbishop, Olav Engelbrektson in 1532.

Pilgrims who walk the outer path of St. Olavsleden can, on request, take the pilgrim boat from Frosta to Steinvikholmen. More information here:

The castle served both as a fortification and a permanent residence for the archbishop, it also served as the Catholic Church's last stronghold in Norway before the archbishop was forced into exile by the Reformation in 1537.

The ruin that stands here today is a reconstruction carried out by the National Trust of Norway.

The Castle as it stands today
Foto: Fortidsminneforeningen

Today, the castle is a well-known tourist destination, and for many years an outdoor opera about Olav Engelbrektsson was performed here. The island is also a favorite destination for swimmers, and you can fish from the pier. In the summer there is also an open kiosk and in recent years summer activities have been arranged for young and old in July.

Summer activities by the castle
Foto: Fortidsminneforeningen
From "Night at the Castle"
Foto: Fortidsminneforeningen