Key Locations

Regionalt pilegrimssenter Smøla

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia
Foto: Audhild Mork
Regional Pilgrim Center Smøla is one of four pilgrim centers along Kystpilegrimsleia. The center's task is to facilitate help and support for pilgrims, businesses, organizations and stakeholders at the key locations in the two counties of Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag.

Regional pilgrim center Smøla is situated at Gurisenteret on Edøy, Smøla. The Pilgrim Center has 11 key locations, which they will coordinate and further develop in collaboration between counties, municipalities, the Church of Norway, museums and other stakeholders. One of their main tasks is to support the development of local and regionally sustainable tourism and national pilgrimage initiatives.

The key locations in their region are:
  • Herøy
  • Borgund
  • Giske
  • Veøy
  • Kvernes stavkirke
  • Smøla med Edøy gamle kirke og Kuisteinen
  • Hitra med Dolm kirke og Hoppsjø handelssenter
  • Frøya med Sula
  • Ørland med Ørland kirke og Austråttborgen
  • Indre Fosen med Reins kloster og Museet kystens arv
  • Nidarosdomen

Kontaktperson for Regionalt pilegrimssenter Smøla

Daglig leder for RPS Smøla er Audhild Mork. Hun kan kontaktes på e-post: eller +47 95026286.

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