Pilegrimsleden | Vinstra - Otta

Vinstra - Otta

39 KM
3 days
This pilgrimage will give you a wonderful nature experience with varied scenery and landscapes. Here you will walk through small villages and old pine forests.
Hard route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

Day 1: (14 km) Vinstra - Kvam

Out of Vinstra and up to the pilgrim path it is about 3 km. You start your pilgrimage by walking through the village and the residential area. The walk continues through varied landscape high above Vinstra before the valley expands towards Kvam. Kvam has attractions such as the Gudbrandsdal War Memorial Collection, the Fredsparken (the Peace Park) and the Sinclair Exhibition. See www.gudbrandsdalsmusea.no

Acommodation in Kvam:

Day 2: (16 km) Kvam - Sjoa

From the center of Kvam you walk into the agricultural landscape before going up towards the highest point of today; Nordre Løfta. A gapahuk, an open shelter, is set up for pilgrims and hikers to rest after a long climb. Downwards the path leads you through small forests and challenging passages of small rivers and steep rock cairns.

Accommodation in Sjoa:

  • Varpehaugen (also offers rafting and wildlife experiences)

Day 3: (9 km) Sjoa - Otta

The final stage through Gudbrandsdalen offers varied terrain, forests and ends with a short asphalt section towards the center of Otta. At the highest point of the stage you will find the viewpoint where you look down towards Bræi - the farm where St. Olav stayed overnight on his journey from Romsdalen down Gudbrandsdalen towards Hundorp in 1021 - and towards the Prillarguritoppen. The descent towards Otta crosses a small river and a creek. Once down in the valley, the path follows the main road.

Otta has a train station and here the pilgrimage ends. Otta is the municipal center for the municipality of Sel, which houses Jørundgård, a medieval garden built after Sigrid Undset's triology of Kristin Lavransdatter.

Accommodation in Otta:

Recommended period:

June to September


  • Train to Vinstra (www.vy.no)


  • Train from Otta (www.vy.no)
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