Walking in the footsteps of Kristin Lavransdatter

1,5 KM
3 hours
Pilgrim Packages
Become acquainted with Sigrid Undset´s trilogy «Kristin Lavransdatter» and the author´s relation to Hamar.
Kr 450,-
Easy route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

The triology formed the basis of Undset receiving the 1928 Nobel prize in Literature, due to her her powerful descriptions of Northern life during the Middle Ages. It is also one of the finest love stories in Norwegian literature.

Narrator Kirsti Hougen takes us on a multi-level journey through the medieval life of Kristin Lavansdatter.


The historical walk begins at Pilgrim Centre Hamar. At Domkirkeodden, we will learn about Kristin's encounter with Hamardomen as a child in the 1300´s, based on the novel "The Wreath"..

Inside one of the old houses in the museum park, Kirsti tells stories based on the novel "Housewife" about the relationship between Kristin and the father and of her pilgrimage to Nidaros.

At Korskirken (the Cross Church) we listen to Kristins´s confessions at the end of her life based on the last novel in the triology; "The Cross". The tour ends with a light meal and talks about the motives of the modern pilgrimage. You will also become familiar with Sigrid Undset's close connection with Hamar after converting to Catholicism.

Price NOK 450, - per person, which includes:

- Historical walk, by Kirsti Hougen.
- Entrance to Domkirkeodden and Hamardomen.
- "Pilgrimage today," by Tone Stræte, Pilgrim Centre Hamar.
- Serving of a medieval cake, coffee, tea.

Language: Norwegian.

For information/booking, please contact Pilgrim Centre Hamar på tlf.474 78 266 or email: hamar@pilegrim.info

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