Pilegrimsleden | Sylan - Trondheim 2020

Sylan - Trondheim 2020

160 KM
9 days
Join our guided pilgrimage from Sylan to Nidaros, and enjoy the magnificent nature in the safe hands of our guide.
Kr 9.900,- Order
Medium route
Situated along Romboleden
Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl

Join us for a 9 days walk along the old pilgrimpath, from higlands to spruce forest, from the Swedish border to the pilgrim Capital of Trondheim. Every day we walk part of the route in silence. This way we will be able to enjoy the amazing nature of Trondelag County in Norway. While walking, we become more and more aware of the present moment. Your guide will be Hilde Kirkvold, who has been leading this pilgrimage 10 times.

To join, please go to kirkvollen.com

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