Pilegrimsleden | Skaun - Nidarosdomen

Skaun - Nidarosdomen

38 KM
2 days
Experience a two day pilgrimage into Trondheim, through lush forests with views to the Trondheim fjord.
Medium route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl

Day 1: (17 km) Skaun - Øysand

The pilgrimage starts in small village of Skaun. From Skaun church the path goes up to Husaby - home of the legendary politician and viking Einar Tambarskjelve. On the way you pass the Skaun village museum and enter the old road to Trondheim. You walk through beautiful forests and eventually, the landscape will open up and you will see great views of both the Trondheim fjord and Trondheim city. The path continues through the village of Buvika, where you will find the first accommodation of the pilgrimage at the Kleivan pilgrim hostel. They offer homemade meals and accommodation in quiet and scenic surroundings.

From Kleivan the trip goes down to the fjord and along the beach until you reach the river Gaulosen, where you can be picked up and transported across the river in a row-boat. On the other side you will find Sundet farm. Here you can spend the night in idyllic courtyards and in a stabbur (a traditional storage house) dating back to the 1100s.

Accommodation on Øysand:

Day 2: (21 km) Øysand - Trondheim

A few kilometers after Sundet farm lies Leinbakken, also known as “Hardbakken” which mean the tuff hill. As the name implies there is some climbing up the hill, but at the top of Leinbakken you will be greeted with an impressive view of the Gauldalen, before the pilgrim path takes you along the old road towards Kastberga. A wonderful stage in soothing forests awaits. At the end of the second day you’ll walk through the suburbs of Byåsen and Sverresborg, passing Sverresborg Folk Museum where you can visit a medieval castle ruin and stave church.

Make sure you take a short detour to the “Utsikten” (the viewpoint). Here you get a good overview of the city of Trondheim, and the pilgrim destination Nidaros Cathedral becomes visible for the first time on your pilgrimage. During the Middle Ages, this viewpoint was called Feginsbrekkja or “the happy hill”, because the sight of the Nidaros Cathedral made the pilgrims happy knowling they’ve safely arrived to the burial church of St. Olav.

Accommodation in Trondheim:

Recommended period:

May to October


  • Bus from Trondheim to Børsa (atb.no)
  • Taxi from Børsa to Skaun church
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