Pilegrimsleden | Ringebu - Vinstra

Ringebu - Vinstra

34 KM
2 days
A pilgrimage with a taste of the beautiful nature, culture and food of Gudbrandsdalen.
Medium route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

Day 1: (22 km) Ringebu - Hundorp

The pilgrimage starts at Ringebu Stave Church on Panoramaveien, “the road with good views”, to Vålerbrua. From the Våler bridge up through the residential area Kjønås and down towards the Bærsveinhølen, an old bridge site where the Frya river ends up in a mighty waterfall.

You continue through pine forests, on old roadways and along Gudbrandsdalslågen (a big river) until you see Dale-Gudbrands Gard, an old chieftain's seat and the centre of power for Gudbrandsdalen in the Viking Age. Here you will find the story of the meeting between Olav the Holy and Dale-Gudbrand in 1021, the historic "Christian church" from Snorre's Heimskringla.

The pilgrimage continues past the South Fron Church from 1787 with distinctive features. An octagonal stone church located in the middle of the Gudbrandsdalsleden. You walk through the rectory where Ludvig Holberg lived for a period as a child. The rectory dates from the 1300s. The day ends at Sygard Grytting where pilgrims have been staying since 1280.

Accommodation at Hundorp:

Day 2: (12 km) Hundorp - Vinstra

The second day will take you to the highest point in Gudbrandsdalen, Skar, about 600 meters above sea level. Here you will find a gapahuk ("pilgrim refugee") set up to accommodate pilgrims and other hikers who need a break. Here you have great view of Gudbrandsdalen and the Jotunheimen Mountains.

The pilgrim path continues through a beautiful and varied landscape high above Vinstra, before a steep descent takes you down to the centre of Vinstra.

Recommended period:

June to September


  • Train or bus to Ringebu station


Train or bus from Vinstra station

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