Pilegrimsleden | Moelv - Hamar

Moelv - Hamar

27,1 KM
4 days
Spend a long weekend on the Pilgrim path in the Hamar region. Many wonderful experiences await you - on the land and sea!
Easy route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Fotoavd. Domkirkeodden

Dag 1: (4 km) Moelv - Ringsaker kirke

Travel by train to Moelv station and walk south on the main street; Storgata, until you see the signposted route. Continue on tarmac and pavement before the route picks up a pleasant path along Lake Mjøsa to Steinvik Camping.

This area has several cultural monuments, and the most famous are the remains of the Mjøskastellet. The castle was built in the years 1233-1236 by King Håkon Håkonsson. The fortress, located in the narrow part of Mjøsa, was to control traffic during a period of civil war and conflict between the King and the Church. If the water level is low, you can walk out to the islet, otherwise you have to use a boat.

The distance from Steinvik Camping to Ringsaker Church is 2,6 kilometers. This medieval limestone basilica built in the 1150s, was dedicated to Saint Olav. The greatest treasure is an altarpiece (triptych) dating from the 16th century. The church is summer open.

Close to the church and Ringsaker manse, is Pilegrimsstuggua, offering non-service accommodation.


  1. Steinvik Camping
  2. Pilegrimsstuggua

Dag 2: (17,1 km) Ringsaker - Brumunddal

Prestvegen (the priest's road) is an old route between Ringsaker and Veldre churches.

The route takes you into pleasant woodland to the old cotters' farm Prøysen and Prøysen museum, built in memory of the famous Norwegian singer and writer Alf Prøysen. Continue on Prestvegen on gravel and pavement across the bridge over Route E6, passing Rudshøgda Motell&Spiseri.

Prestvegen ends at Veldre Church. Over 90 burial finds and finds of ancient monuments from the Iron Age show that this area has been a regional center of power. From here you can enjoy the view over Mjøsa lake and the region.

In Brumunddal city centre you can stop for a bite at one of the eateries around the pleasant square. Follow the the waymarked route through the city centre towards Lake Mjøsa and Mjøstårnet.

Mjøstårnet is the world's tallest timber building, in which you also find a hotel and restaurant. Close to it you see one of the ports for DS Skibladner. Every Friday at 16.20 hrs during the ship´s sailing schedule, you can travel with the boat from Brumunddal to Hamar. Skibladner is the world's oldest paddle steamer still providing this type of service, and is also referred to as the 'pilgrims' boat'. From Skibladner’s deck, you can experience the Mjøsa scenery at its very best!

An hour´s journey later, you reach Hamar and a great variety of eateries and accommodations. From the Skibladner´s port, Pilgrim Center Hamar is within a short walking distance by the shore line of Mjøsa. In the summer months, the center is both a visitor- and information center as well as a pilgim´s hostel.

Accommodation in Hamar:

  1. Pilegrimsherberge - Pilegrimssenter Hamar
  2. Hedmarktoppen Folkehøyskole
  3. Seiersted Pensjonat
  4. Clarion Collection Hotell Astoria
  5. Hamar Vandrerhjem Vikingskipet

Dag 3: Hamar og Domkirkeodden

The Center is situated on the site of the old marketplace in the area that is now called Domkirkeodden (the cathedral promontory). Domkirkeodden and the Bishop of Hamar were very powerful, forming a centre of power between Oslo and Nidaros. After pilgrims began making the pilgrimage to Saint Olav's grave in Nidaros, it was natural for many pilgrims, to break their journey and stay overnight at St Olav's monastery on the promontory. The cathedral promontory is still a natural hub for walks.

There is a nice restaurant in the museumpark. The park is also ideal for a picnic.

Dag 4: (6 km) Hamar - Atlungstad Brenneri

Atlungstad Brenneri lies close to the Pilgrim path, six kilometers south of Hamar. In this distillery you can experience Norwegian distillery history and Norwegian aquavit production for the last 150 years. Join a guided tour and follow the process from the potato entering the building and until the aquavit is bottled.

Choose between walking the Pilgrim path to the distillery or rent a bike from the tourist center in Hamar city centre. Or join Skibladner from the port in Hamar 11.00hrs and walk back after a guided tour at the distillery.

Travel information

The Hamar region is located north of Oslo, at route E6. It is easy to get to by car, train or bus. Oslo and Oslo Airport Gardermoen are the main gateways for both international and national arrivals to Hamar. Departures every hour by train from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Moelv with VY. Approximate: 1 hour 45 minutes.

Pilgrim’s Passport:

Pilgrims get free entrance to the Glass Cathedral and a discount to the museum ground (NOK 50), when you show your pilgrim’s passport. Pilgrims will also be given a pilgrim's discount on Skibladner, when you present your pilgrim's passport. Passports are available at the Pilgrim Centre.


The tour can be done during the timetabled service of Skibladner from June 22 to August 15th.

From June 27, you can join DS Skibladner from Hamar to Atlungstad Distillery.
Jonas Jeremiassen Tomter.

Experiences along this route

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