Pilgrimage from Stiklestad to Nidaros with Mindfullness and Qigong

134 KM
8 days
Pilgrim Packages
Stiklestad Pilgrim Center invites you to join us on a pilgrimage from Stiklestad to Trondheim through the historic and beautiful Trøndelag landscape. On our guided walks in 2020, you will enjoy wonderful nature-based experiences and gain knowledge of the region’s rich cultural heritage.
Kr 11.900,- Order
Hard route
Situated along St. Olavsleden

With Mindfullness and Qigong

We start our pilgrimage at Stiklestad on Sunday 14th of June with a welcome dinner and a guided tour of historic Stiklastadir, a reconstructed medieval farm. We will learn and use Mindfulness and Qigong techniques daily.

This pilgrimage is guided by qigong and mindfulness instructor Heidi Troset and Heidi Carine Brimi, Viking age archaeologist.

Read more about this pilgrimage here.

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