Pilegrimsleden | Kløfta - Jessheim

Kløfta - Jessheim

14-15 KM
1 day
Do you want a challenging pilgrimage with historical and cultural bits and pieces on the way? Take the day off and go on an exciting pilgrimage along Gudbrandsdalsleden..
Easy route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Foto: Roger Jensen

Start your pilgrimage at Kløfta and walk towards Ullensaker church. The first known church in this area was erected in the 13th century and was dedicated to St. Olav and John the Baptist. From the church you continue on the road in a north direction.

From Ulleren to Hovin Church you follow one of the oldest known roads between Oslo and Nidaros. You pass Bjørke Farm and the Hovin farm, the farm name Hovin comes from the fact that it was an old powerhouse and cult site from pre-Christian times. After Christianity was introduced, the first church was erected at Hovin. Today's church is a timber cross church, inaugurated in 1695.

Recommended period:

All year


  • To the starting point: Take the train to Dal (L13) from Oslo S and get off at Kløfta station. The trip takes 33 minutes. From Kløfta station turn right and follow Ullersmovegen until it crosses into Ilevegen. Along the Ilevegen you are on the Gudbrandsdalsleden which follows the bridge over the E6.
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