Pilegrimsleden | Tynset - Trondheim

Tynset - Trondheim

189 KM
9 days
A pilgrimage from Tynset to Trondheim through wild and beautiful mountains
Hard route
Situated along Østerdalsleden

Day 1: (19 km) Tynset - Vingelen

Start in the center of Tynset and follow the Østerdalsleden via the town hall, across the bridge, on the pedestrian / bike path towards the old town center Neby. Stop at Tynset Church by the Pilgrim Milestone, then turn to the right and walk up a hill and follow the ancient road between Tynset and Vingelen. The highest point is Vesleåsen at 788 meters above sea level. After the pond, Milskiftetjønna, you need to cross the main road from Tynset up to the old farmhouse Åsan and pass the Vardtjønn-ridge.

Accommodation in Vingelen:

Day 2: (28 km) Vingelen - Dalsbygda

Follow Gammelvegen Fylkesvei 732 until the path turns left after the pond Rørtjønna. The road rises evenly through the forest, goes below Østvang farms and continues in light terrain between Vangsåsen and Kottberget, down towards the lake Tallsjøen. At the Allmannhaugen the medieval road takes off towards the pond Båttjønna and on into Os municipality. Walk on asphalt and traffic way the last stretch to Dalsbygda.

Accommodation in Dalsbygda:

Notice! Last grocery store along the path before Singsås is Dalsbygda - mountain village center with grocery and cafe (20.6-20.8, otherwise Friday / Saturday)

Day 3: (20 km) Dalsbygda - Såttåhaugen

Follow Fylkesvei 751 approx. 300 meters to Brattåsveien, a rural road to the right, continue on Vangrøftdalsveien passing the pilgrim milestone on the old church site on Brattåstrøa. Walk further uphill through Vangrøftdalen to an old farmhouse with accommodation and traditional food (needs to be booked in advance) at Spellmovollen, Såttåhaugen, 900 m.o.h., by the gate of the mountain Forollhogna National Park.

Accommodation at Såttåhaugen:

Day 4: (25 km) Såttåhaugen - Storbekkøya

Follow the tractor road from Såttåhaugen, further along the old road between Forollsjøen - 1000 meters above sea level and Forollhogna - 1332 meters above sea level.

Accommodation at Storbekkøya:

  • Open arch by Lake Foroll with one bed, propane, wood stove, equipment - no provision. Locked room with 4 beds can be ordered at www.inatur.no.
  • Stenfjellbua and Svarttjønnbua (small cabins) further ahead, about 1 km from the path, are open arches with 4 beds. (For access, call Trond Are Berge +47 99554891).
  • Possibility of accommodation and seating in Storbekkøya Museumsseter by the path. Café in the summer season. (www.storbekkoya.com. +47 47686230).
  • 5 km from Storbekkøya is Klettheim community house, Tjønöjsen, Budalen, accommodation for NOK 200 per person. Space for about 20 people. Self catering. Shared shower / WC. (For access, call Heidi Tovmo +47 91845541 or Odd Vårvik +47 90152384.)

Day 5: (18 km) Storbekkøya Museumsseter - Singsås

Follow the farm road and the rural road further through the valley. After the farm Storli the mountain road starts. The trail crossing the mountain Tåvåfjellet is the old Kjørkvegen with a rather heavy ascent through the forest. Up on the mountain you will pass some tiny summer farms. A lovely descent awaits towards Singsås, a village center with groceries (Last grocery store before Ler).

Accommodation at Singsås:

  • Pilgrim's House, 2 beds, gas stove and wood stove. (For access, call Egil Myhre +47 72435215/95751406)
  • Kari Maries Summer residence, 1 km from the path on old Bjørgen, NOK 350 per bed, 4 beds, kitchen, bathroom, self catering. Open 1.5 - 31.8. (+47 91746303, kari.marie@helmersen.biz,).
  • Stave church at Gammelkirkegården in Singsås, it was inaugurated in 2012 and can offer a roof over your head. 2 mattresses in utility cabin.

Day 6: (23 km) Singsås - Samatun

Follow the gravel road called Samsjøveien. After a while the trail turns left after 5-6 km and follows the river Sevilla.

Accommodation at Samatun:

Day 7: (28 km) Samatun - Fremo - Kirkflå / Ler

After approx. 2 km is the St.Olavsknippen with Olav spring water source, then you follow the road that go towards Flå / Ler.

Accommodation at Kirkflå / Ler:

Day 8: (15 km) Kirkflå /Ler - Rødde

There is a bit steep and swampy at the beginning of the day. After about 10 km along the mountain Vassfjellet, you pass the pond Øyvindtjønna, where there is a small cabin with 2 briskets, no mattress or cooking facilities. There was a chapel here in the Middle Ages, and the mountain spring water here, the fountain of St. Eve, had miraculous water, according to pilgrim stories. From here you can see Trondheim. The path continues downwards through the woods to Rødde School.

Accommodation at Rødde:

Day 9: (18 km) Rødde - Trondheim

On the last day you walk on some asphalt and through agricultural landscape before a forest path leads you along the river Nidelven. From Nedre Leirfossen, the idyllic river promenade follows the Sluppen bridge to Tempe. The pilgrimage continues along the pedestrian and bicycle paths, and the river crosses at Elgseterbro before reaching the end goal; the Nidaros Cathedral.

Accommodation in Trondheim:

Recommended period:

June to September


  • Train or bus to Tynset


  • Train, bus or plane from Trondheim
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