Pilegrimsleden | From Rotvoll to Nidarosdomen

From Rotvoll to Nidarosdomen

8 KM
2 hours
Experience the beautiful Trondheim fjord with soothing waves and birds singing, before you walk through Trondheim with its lovely and colourful architecture.
Easy route
Situated along St. Olavsleden

Enjoy a mini-pilgrimage along the pilgrim path coming in from the east side of Trondheim. Follow the path (actually both St. Olavsleden and Romboleden follows this path) along the beautiful Ladestien. Have a coffee at the Ringve museum, enjoy the charming district of Møllenberg and end your mini-pilgrimage by crossing the Old Town Bridge and visit the great Nidaros Cathedral.

How to:

Follow the signs of the St. Olav Ways from Rotvoll. Walk along Ladestien and the Trondheim fjord, passing Leangen Bay and the Leangen farm on the path to the left.

Continue to follow the Ladestien and the pilgrim signs along the fjord to the Fagerheimbukta where the pilgrim path descends towards Smedstuveien. After following this road and Olav Engelbrektsons avenue for a while, follow the pilgrim path to the left towards the botanical garden at Ringve. We recommend you to make a pitstop at Ringve which also is a music history museum and has a charming café.

Continue on by following Lade allé to Lade farm and Lade church where the oldest part of the church dates back to the 13th century. After crossing the busy Jarleveien at the entrance to Ladeveien, the pilgrim path continues on towards Lademoen church on the street in the eastern part of Trondheim. Turn right at Kristiansstensbakken before walking down the steep Brubakken. Cross the Nidelven on the charming the Old Town Bridge before reaching the destination - Nidaros Cathedral.

Recommended period:

April to October

How to get to Rotvoll: either by bus (atb.no) or taxi (15 minutes ride)

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