Pilegrimsleden | Dovre - Hjerkinn

Dovre - Hjerkinn

53 KM
4 days
Do a pilgrimage in classic mountain scenery crossing the Dovrefjell. Experience exciting cultural monuments and views of several famous mountain formations.
Hard route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Foto: Eskil Roll

Day 1: (3,7 km) Dovre - Budsjord

On the first day of the pilgrimage, the trip goes to Dovre, mainly by train and taxi. From Dovre church it is 3.7 kilometers to go to Budsjord.

Food: There is a grocery store in Dovre. Remember to shop what you need for the next 3-4 days.

Accommodation on Budsjord:

Day 2: (13,2 km) Budsjord - Fokstugu

The first proper stage begins with a good climb, which takes you up into a beautiful high mountain landscape. The pilgrimage goes along Kongeveien (the old Kings road), past several rivers, before beginning the descent towards Fokstugu. A great place to rest is by the Allmannsrøysa, an important place for many pilgrims. At the last part of the stage, you have to cross two rivers, before entering the dirt road that takes you to Fokstugu Mountain Lodge.

Accommodation at Fokstugu:

Day 3: (24,2 km) Fokstugu - Hjerkinn

This stage is the longest of the pilgrimage, but most definitely a beautiful stretch to walk. Along the path you can see wildlife and plant life in abundance. This stage is hilly and passes several mountain lodges and tourist cabins along the way which are well suited for breaks.

Accommodation at Hjerkinn:

Day 4: (11,8 km) Hjerkinn - Kongsvold

The last stage is from Hjerkinn to Kongsvold. Along the way, you have views of both the mountains Snøhetta and Rondane. The reward of this stage can be a better meal at Kongsvold Fjeldstue, after inspecting their fantastic mountain garden. From Kongsvold you can take the train further, both south and north. If you want to experience the musk ox, Kongsvold is also the place to make it happen. They do musk ox safari every summer.

Acommodation at Kongsvold:

The pilgrim path crossing Dovrefjell offers beautiful and magical experiences. Photo: Eskil Roll
Foto: Eskil Roll
Fokstugu Mountain Lodge is a unique place for pilgrims and offers tranquillity and reflection in beautiful surroundings. Photo: Eskil Roll
Foto: Eskil Roll
Kongsvold Mountain Lodge is a great ending point for the pilgrimage. Photo: Eskil Roll
Foto: Eskil Roll

Recommended period:

June to September


  • Train to Dombås, taxi to Dovre


  • Train from Kongsvold
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