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Lian - Nidaros Cathedral

8 KM
3 hours
Experience a mini-pilgrimage in Trondheim that is well-suited for families or friends
Easy route
Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Foto: Svein Erik Knoff

Take the charming Gråkallbanen - the northernmost tram line in the world - from Trondheim city center to the Lian terminal in the outskirts of Trondheim. You are now in a popular hiking area close to the Lian restaurant. Go towards the restaurant and follow the pilgrim signposts in the direction of Kyvannet and onwards to Sverresborg Museum. Stroll along the buildings in the museum and let centuries of Norwegian history and everyday life unfold around you. How about a break at the museum café Borgstua?


Continue towards Trondheim center have a stop at Feginsbrekkja. This viewpoint towards Nidaros Cathedral has marked the beginning of the end for thousands of pilgrims before you. Another word for Feginsbrekka is the "Happy hillpoint", and the name refers to the joy the former pilgrims must have felt when they finally saw the destination. Today, suburban housing is blocking most of the view close to the historic Feginsbrekkja, but the "Utsikten" located close by offers the same panoramic view.

Hadrian's square

Walking towards Trondheim past Ilen Church, a characteristic stone church built in 1889. Continue along the Nidelven River, under the Elgeseter Bridge, and stop at Hadrian's Square. This place is named after Pope Hadrian IV (1154-59), better known as Cardinal Breakespare. He is the only Englishman to date with the papacy, and the one who created Nidaros Archbishop's seat in 1153. At Hadrian's Square you will find the original St. Olav fountain, with water many believed had healing powers.

The Nidaros Cathedral

From Hadrian's square you Cclimb the stairs to the end of the pilgrimage; the Nidaros Cathedral - Norway's National Shrine and St. Olav's burial church. The cathedral is the only one of its kind in Norway, and is the largest medieval church in the Nordic countries. It was built in 1070 and since then, it has survived several fires and has been through many restorations and expansions. Formally, the cathedral was not completed until 2001. Spend some time in the cathedral and enjoy the atmosphere.

How about some pastries and coffee at Bakklandet?

Continue towards The Old Town Bridgde and the neighbourhood of Bakklandet. This old and distinctive neighborhood is among Trondheim's major tourist attractions and dominated by small wooden houses and narrow cobbled streets. Many of the waterfront houses at Nidelven have been transformed into cozy cafes, bars and restaurants. Treat yourself with some nice pastries and coffee after your mini-pilgrimage.

Recommended period:

April to October


  • Take Gråkallbanen to Lian
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