Pilegrimsleden | Larvik - Sandefjord

Larvik - Sandefjord

23 KM
1 day
A mini-pilgrimage along thousand year old roads from Larvik to Sandefjord.
Easy route
Situated along Tunsbergleden

Walk from the river of the Numedalslågen in Larvik, past the Viking town of Kaupang on a thousand year old road through Tjølling's rich agricultural landscape, towards the Marum forest with the mystical cultural heritage site Istrehågan. Be sure to fill the water bottle and packed lunch in Tjølling. From the Marum forest, you walk into the historic Sandefjord town centre along roads that have been in use since the Middle Ages.

In Sandefjord there are many accommodations. Both Hotel Kong Carl and Clairon Collection Atlantic have special prices for pilgrims.

The pilgrim path is marked from the Larvik ferry port connecting to Hirtshals, Denmark. If you do not come from Denmark you can take a bus or train to the center of Larvik and follow Dronningens gate 303 over Tjøllingveien 303 until you see the signposting of the pilgrim pass at the bridge by the river Nummedalslågen.

The Tunsbergleden starts in Larvik, is 190 kilometers long, and ends at Haslum church in Bærum. There it connects to Gudbrandsdalsleden, which goes on to Oslo and Trondheim.

Recommended period:

May to October


  • Train to Larvik


  • Train from Sandefjord
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