Pilegrimsleden | Sandefjord - Tønsberg

Sandefjord - Tønsberg

20 KM
1 day
Walk from Sandefjord, via artistic Veierland and idyllic Nøtterøy to the medieval town of Tønsberg.
Easy route
Situated along Tunsbergleden

Tunsbergleden in Sandefjord town center follows Gokstadveien 303 and passes one of the Viking Age's most famous cultural monuments; Gokstadhaugen. The pilgrim path continues on Årøveien and the Engeveien to Engø pier. Along Engeveien you will also find Engøy Guesthouse with a pilgrim hostel and farm shop. You can either stay overnight at Engøy and take the ferry the next day. Or you can plan and take the ferry the same day to Veierland or on to Tenvik where you can walk to Tønsberg. From Engø pier a 10 minute ferry trip goes to Veierland and on to Tenvik on Nøtterøy. Here you can choose to hike through Veierland's beautiful island landscape with gorgeous villas. If you take the ferry directly to Nøtterøy you can continue the distance to the center of Tønsberg (14 km). Link to ferry schedule.

At Nøtterøy you walk in agricultural landscapes and forests with many medieval road- and property structures. The great St. Mary's Church at Borgheim was dedicated to St. Mary and was a pilgrimage destination in the late Middle Ages. At Borgheim you can fill water and find grocery stores. In the old parsonage by the church there is a farm shop and cafe. The last stretch to Tønsberg goes through residential areas and hiking areas with beautiful forests and picnic fields with great views. From the heights you look down on Tønsberg pier and the medieval town with the Slottsfjellet. In Tønsberg there are two pilgrim hotels, Quality Hotel Tønsberg on the pier and Quality Hotel Klubben in Storgaten. In addition you can also check out Tonsberg hostels at Slottsfjellet.

Recommended period:

May to October


  • Fly to Torp Airport
  • Train to Sandefjord


  • Train from Tønsberg
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