Pilegrimsleden | Borgleden


176 KM
9 days
Borgleden starts at Elgåfossen at the national border to Sweden and goes through Viken and into the capital. Towards Oslo you walk through a varied and lush cultural landscape with idyllic towns, farms, medieval churches, manors and museums. Borgleden can also boast cultural monuments from the Iron and Bronze Ages.
Situated along Borgleden

Halden - Sarpsborg - Ås - Oslo

Difficulty: Medium

Type of terrain: Slightly hilly on paths and roads

Borgleden is suitable for most people and is great both for day trips, short hikes or as part of a long hike. The stages are easily accessible via public transport and large parts are also well suited for cycling. The trail is well marked, but feel free to bring a map.

The pilgrim route starts at Elgåfossen at the Swedish border, and goes through Viken and ends in Oslo. The name Borgleden comes from the historic Borgarsysla and Borgartinget. Along the trail we find towns such as Halden with Idd church and Fredriksten fortress and Sarpsborg, which was founded by St. Olav in 1016. This trail is varied and boasts everything from waterfalls and lush cultural landscapes, to densely populated areas, parks and beautiful sea views.

The terrain varies between cart roads, paths and asphalt on longer distances.

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