Åre - Trondheim

252 KM
15 days
This can be either a 13-day walk (outer trail) or a 15-day walk (inner trail) – a long and challenging route “over the border and on to Nidaros”, which qualifies you for the “Olav Letter”.
Hard route

Gradering på turforslag

Alle turforslagene på pilegrimsleden.no er gradert etter en nasjonal standard for merking av vanskelighetsgrad, slik at du enklere kan finne en tur som passer for deg.

Grønn = Enkel

Dette er stort sett korte og enkle turer som passer for alle, uten krav til spesielle ferdigheter eller utstyr. I de tilfeller hvor det er tilrettelagt for rullestolbrukere eller barnevogn, merkes dette spesielt.

Blå = Middels

Dette er turer som passer for deg som har grunnleggende turferdigheter og er i normal fysisk form.

Rød = Krevende

Turer merket med rødt passer for erfarne turgåere, med god utholdenhet. Turene krever ofte gode tursko og annet turutstyr, samt kunnskap om kart og kompass.

Svart = Ekstra krevende

Dette er turer passer for erfarne fjellfolk, med god fysikk, styrke og utholdenhet. Godt turutstyr og gode kunnskaper om kart og kompass er nødvendig på slike turer.

Hvor krevende en tur er bestemmes blant annet av antall høydemeter (stigning) og lengde på turen. Selv om turen går i flatt terreng, kan den merkes med rødt dersom den er veldig lang. Og motsatt, selv om turen er kort, kan den merkes med svart dersom den går i bratt og krevende terreng.

Situated along St. Olavsleden

Arrival Åre

Åre has a train station, with several daily arrivals by train both from the west and the east.

From Trondheim there are two departures daily (morning and afternoon), with a change of train at Storlien.

See www.vy.no or www.sj.se

For even more detailed information about the Swedish part of the St. Olavsleden, also visit www.stolavsleden.com

Day 1: 22 km, Åre – Tännforsen

This walk starts at the old Åre Church, which was built in the 12th century. Inside the church is a sculpture of St Olav wearing a Swedish Carolean soldier’s hat instead of a crown. Here you can have your pilgrim’s passport stamped.

From here, the pilgrimage continues along Sankt Olavs väg and on to Årevägen for a few kilometres. The road then becomes a trail that leads to the Tegeforsen river surrounded by scenic nature. The walk continues on to Duved. This is the last opportunity to shop for food and other necessities until you reach Vuku. The gravel road passes a memorial for the Carolean Death March (in 1719) before it connects with the E14 motorway. Along the E14, make sure to watch out for traffic, which passes at high speed. After the bridge over the Indalsälven river, you will arrive at Staa. From here, turn right and continue along Skalstuguvägen (motorway 322). After about 6.5 km, take the trail to Tännforsen, Sweden’s largest waterfall. At Tännfossen, there is a cabin with overnight accommodations for pilgrims.

Day 2: 23 km, Tännforsen – Medstugan

From Tännforsen, head back to Skalstuguvägen and continue all the way to Medstugan. Today’s walk will take you along a paved main road with a small rest area. The road first passes Bodsjöedet with a view of two lakes, Tännsjön and Bodsjön. These are renowned fishing waters that long ago attracted wealthy British guests.

To the west, it is possible to get a view of the Norwegian mountains. After you pass the Stalltjärnstugan building, you can look for several stone arch bridges built in the 19th century. There is an interesting 46-metre-long stone bridge with three arches at Asån. A few kilometres later, you will arrive at Medstugan, an old mountain dairy that has been converted into a museum and hostel.

Day 3: 11 km, Medstugan – Skalstugan

The pilgrimage walk from Medstugan to Skalstugan still follows Skalstuguvägen, which is an old

trade route between Jämtland and Trøndelag. The road was officially opened by King Karl XIV Johan in 1835 and is therefore also known as Karl Johansvägen. After Medstugan, the walk continues along Lake Medstugusjön, with lovely views. Jämtland became part of Sweden in 1658. Skalstugan was established as a toll station. In the late 1800s, this site also had a dairy, a brewery and a sawmill. Today, it functions as a hostel for hikers, hunters and pilgrims. This is reindeer grazing land, where reindeer roam across large expanses.

Day 4: 21 km Skalstugan – Ådalsvollen/Sul

On today’s walk, you will leave the paved road and continue across the border on an old road,

Karl Johans veg, through a sparse mountain birch forest. As you enter Norway, the landscape becomes more dramatic, with its towering mountains. At the second stone arch bridge over Kvilbekken, there is a nice rest area. Along the way, you’ll have a magnificent view of the valley and mountains. There was a toll station at Ådalsvollen until 1994, and today, there are both smaller and larger cabins here where hikers and pilgrims can spend the night. If you continue a few more kilometres to Sul, you can spend the night at Skogset Gård.

Day 5: 15 km, Ådalsvollen – Garnes

The walk begins on a road along the river, and it is possible to hike up to the Olavskjelden/Olskjeda spring and Olavsåker field. Legend has it that the Olavsåker field in Sul was trampled by St Olav’s army on their way to the Battle of Stiklestad. It is said that when the farmers in Sul complained to Olav, he got up on his horse and road around the field. The next morning, the stalks of grain had risen again and produced a large crop.

The walk continues on the south side of the Inna river up to Stormoen. Continue through the valley of Klevdalen on a path through a beautiful landscape with several stone arch bridges down to a paved road. If you take a detour over the river across the bridge, you will reach a “gapahuk” lean-to, well situated near the river bend. Continue along the Inna river in the valley past the idyllic Vaterholmen and Buholmen. Then continue on the road along the river to the cultural landscape of Inndalen and Sveagjerdet, and onwards just past the turn-off to Garnes. There are overnight accommodations here for hikers and pilgrims near the oldest school in Garnes, which has been restored, and by the old Jemtlandsveg road.

Day 6: 15 km, Garnes – Vuku

The walk continues a short distance in a north-west direction along the Jemtlandsvegen road, and then takes off towards the north-east on Kvernmovegen and passes Kvernmoen Gård just before the bridge across the Kverna river. As you walk along the road in the open cultural landscape to Nordenget and the bridge across the Verdalselva river, you’ll be treated to a nice view of the rivers and woods. The walk then continues on the road to Vukusletta, arriving at Vuku Church. This lovely church was first built in 1654 and has a unique history that includes both a lightning strike and a fire in the church tower. Hikers and pilgrims can spend the night in Vuku, either in campground cabins at Austnes or in a room at the Auskin Creative Centre. Austnes offers salmon fishing, while Auskin

offers artistic and meditation activities.

Day 7: 12 km, Vuku – Stiklestad

The walk from Vuku starts on Leirådalsvegen and continues for quite a while through the cultural landscape to the Øgstad and Dagali farms. Here, the path continues along a dirt road and trail to the old Prestegårdsvei road, and you will be able to spot Stiklestad to the east. Soon, Stiklestad Church will come into view, which was built in stone on the site where Olav Haraldsson (St Olav) fell when he battled the “peasant army” on 29 July 1030. Behind the altar of Stiklestad Church is a stone with a slight indentation. Legend has it that this was the stone upon which Olav leaned his head as he died. Stiklestad has a cultural centre with a museum, which is a hub for information and activities relating to Olav Haraldsson and St Olav. If you visit Stiklestad around Olsok, on 29 July, there are numerous activities, concerts and an outdoor theatre, which performs the St Olav Drama.

Day 8 – 13/15: Continuing from Stiklestad to Trondheim

For description of the rest of the route to Trondheim, there are two options:

  1. Stiklestad - Trondheim inner trail (15 days) or
  2. Stiklestad - Trondheim, outer trail (13 days).

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