Åre - Trondheim

252 KM
5 days
The St. Olavsleden is great for those who enjoy cycling. Biking allows you a fast-paced experience where you can travel long distances in no time. And, you can have longer breaks if there is something you really want to see.
Medium route

Gradering på turforslag

Alle turforslagene på pilegrimsleden.no er gradert etter en nasjonal standard for merking av vanskelighetsgrad, slik at du enklere kan finne en tur som passer for deg.

Grønn = Enkel

Dette er stort sett korte og enkle turer som passer for alle, uten krav til spesielle ferdigheter eller utstyr. I de tilfeller hvor det er tilrettelagt for rullestolbrukere eller barnevogn, merkes dette spesielt.

Blå = Middels

Dette er turer som passer for deg som har grunnleggende turferdigheter og er i normal fysisk form.

Rød = Krevende

Turer merket med rødt passer for erfarne turgåere, med god utholdenhet. Turene krever ofte gode tursko og annet turutstyr, samt kunnskap om kart og kompass.

Svart = Ekstra krevende

Dette er turer passer for erfarne fjellfolk, med god fysikk, styrke og utholdenhet. Godt turutstyr og gode kunnskaper om kart og kompass er nødvendig på slike turer.

Hvor krevende en tur er bestemmes blant annet av antall høydemeter (stigning) og lengde på turen. Selv om turen går i flatt terreng, kan den merkes med rødt dersom den er veldig lang. Og motsatt, selv om turen er kort, kan den merkes med svart dersom den går i bratt og krevende terreng.

Situated along St. Olavsleden

Day 1: (54 km), Åre - Medstugan

Take the train to Åre, Sweden. The St. Olavsleden from Åre in the direction of Duved goes along the old road called Sotargränd, past Tegefjell and Tegefossen and up to Millestgården, which is a great place to have a break. The pilgrim path continues in a terrain that is relatively flat and easy to access, and on well-marked trails and forest roads. Along the way you pass several restored stone bridges that were built in the 19th century, make sure you have a proper look at them. Accommodation takes place at Medstugan, which is one of Sweden's largest private properties and which at the end of the 19th century included a dairy and brewery.

Accommodation at Medstugan:

Day 2: (58 km), Medstugan - Stiklestad

The second stage goes to the historic Stiklestad, best known as the place where the viking king Olav Haraldsson fell in battle in 1030. The St. Olavsleden first goes along the Medstugu lake, crossing the Skalstua mountain and into Norway. The path follows the Karl Johan's road, an old kings road which was completed in 1835. After crossing the river Kverna, the path continues to Vuku with beautiful Vuku church from 1655. Once you arrive at Stiklestad you can treat yourself with a better dinner and overnight stay at Stiklestad Hotel.

Accommodation at Stiklestad:

Day 3: (45 km), Stiklestad - Markabygda

From Stiklestad the bicycle pilgrimage continues to Markabygda. You will ride through beautiful agricultural landscapes. Along the way you pass Munkeby Farm, which is located at a church ruin from 1180. Before you continue you are recommended to try locally produced beer and cheese, made by the monks in the Munkeby Monastery. The pilgrimage continues in light terrain, mostly on gravel roads, and you pass Tomtvatnet (a small lake) before reaching Markabygda, where you spend the night in the church room. Here it is also possible to have a simple dinner.

Accommodation at Markabygda:

Day 4: (40 km), Markabygda – Ersgard (Værnes)

The day starts off on gravel roads through fields. Eventually you enter narrow paths on the way down to Værnes and on to Ersgard. At Ersgard, supper is served in the pleasant hostel for pilgrims, and accommodation takes place in an old-style double room.

Acommodation in Ersgard:

Day 5: (55 km), Ersgard - Trondheim

With Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim as your goal, you now embark on the final stage of your bicycle pilgrimage. The trip to the city goes along gravel roads and passes, among others, the village of Hommelvik. You both hear and see the River Homla, which you follow for a while, before taking the road along the Trondheim fjord. At the Saksvikskorset there is a cross, and this is the first point where you have a view of Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. The last few kilometers pass through urban areas and the center of Trondheim, before finally arriving at the Nidaros Cathedral.

Acommodation in Trondheim:

Recommended period:

June to September


  • Flight: Trondheim, Airport Værnes
  • Train: From Trondheim / Værnes to Åre, Sweden


  • Public transport: Bus or train
  • Flight: Trondheim Airport Værnes

Please notice!

This bicycle pilgrimage is mostly on dirt roads, wide paths and on asphalt. For detailed information on bicycling on St. Olavsleden and customed maps, please chech out: http://www.stolavsleden.com/biking-2/.

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