Pilegrimsleden | Troset farm: 3 day walk for body and soul

Troset farm: 3 day walk for body and soul

20 KM
3 days
Pilgrimage with monastery visits, local food, qigong and mindfulness in the beautiful Trøndelag countryside.
Kr 2.965,-
Medium route
Situated along St. Olavsleden

With qigong and mindfulness from Munkeby to Troset

The landscape opens on the walk down from the mountain as you come wandering along pilgrimage from Munkeby to Markabygda. Here is the farm Troset, which is one of the oldest settlements in the village, with a restored farmhouse from 1780. The farm Troset is still in full operation, and in the summer you will meet both goats and cows on pasture.


Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at Munkeby hostels. Here you get a tour and storytelling in the old monastery ruins, 2 course dinner and participation in the prayer time in Munkeby Mariakloster together with the monks.

Day 2: After breakfast, walk in beautiful scenery from Munkeby to Troset. Along the way, you get mindfulness exercises that add another dimension to your experience of the hike. Upon arrival, a 2 course dinner is served and the evening concludes with meditation and visiting the St. Olavs well.

Day 3: After breakfast, qigong and mind- fulness practice with simple exercises you can bring with you and practice at home.

Max 12 participants in the group.

The tour includes:

  • 2x overnight stays
  • All meals
  • Guiding and instruction
  • Monastic visitation and prayer time
  • Mindfulness and qigong
  • Car pick-up / luggage transportation

The tour is arranged on request. Max 12 participants.

For more information and booking contact email pilgrim@troset.com of phone +47 95151420.

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