Valldal - Bjorli

Experience Norwegian fjord, forest and mountain along the beautiful and historical Pilgrim path: Valldalsleden (The valldals Path).

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1. Leg (ca. 15 km) Sylte – Alstad.  

The route starts from the municipial center in Sylte/valldal down in the fjord, and goes over to Korsbrekka to the bay stone infront of Døving Chapell, then further to Gudbrandsjuvet and Alstad. The Pilgrim Path then follows the so called Olavsveien (Olavs road). At Alstad there are good accommodation possibilities.  


2. Leg (ca. 12 km) Gudbrandsjuvet – Tjønnebu.  

The Valldals Paht keeps going along Olavsveien the second day through Skjersura to Grønningen. From Grønningen the path follows an old trail on the southern side of the river to Grønningsæter. Further on the path follows The Norwegian Touristunion's (DNT) signs/makings over to Tjønne, where one can rent accommodation at Ålesund Sunnmøre Touristunion's (ÅST) unmanned cottage. 


3. Leg (ca. 13 km) Tjønnebu – Vakkerstøylen. 

The Valldals Path keeps go along the marked DNT-paht past the Illstig water up to the paths highes point Børresbottreset at 1180 above sea level. Then the path goes down to Børrebotn og further out Ulvådaten (valley) to vakkerstøylen which is near the smal lake Ulvådalsvannet. Accommodation at ÅST unmanned cottage: Vakkerstøylen


4. Leg (ca. 22 km) Vakkerstøylen – Bjorli.  

Follow the marked DNT-path along Ulvådalsvatnet to Tunga, then further down to Kabben where you will find a traditional Norwegian Shelter called Gapahuk. (An alternative route goes from Vakkerstøylen via Hånådalshaugtjønna and Grovaskarsbotenen then connect to the main Valdalspath again. This route will pass a alter where St. Olav is suposed to have selebrated an exhibition when he travled over the mountain.) From Kabben one must follow a gravel road along the river Ulvåa to Brøste. The path keeps going further behind Rånåkollen and in Rånå one can walk off the Valldals Path and follow a road down to Bjorli for accommodation and transport home.




We recommend the hike from mid July to late summer. The trip needs well planning. If help are needed, simply contact the Pilgrim Center at Dovrefjell - Phone: +47 924 83 147 or email:  

62 km 4 days