Tynset - Trondheim

Recommendation for a 9 day long hike along the Østerdalen Path from Tynset to Trondheim

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Dag 1 

Tynset - Vingelen ca 19 km
Dag 2 Vingelen - Dalsbygda ca 28 km
Dag 3  Dalsbygda - Såttåhaugen ca 20 km
Dag 4 Såttåhaugen - Storbekkøya ca 20 km
Dag 5 Storbekkæya . Singsås  ca 18 km
Dag 6 Singsås - Okstjønna - Samatun  ca 23 km
Dag 7  Samatun - Fremo - Kirkflå / Ler  ca 28 km
Dag 8 Kirkflå / Ler - Rødde ca 15 km
Dag 9 Rødde - Trondheim  ca 18 km

Day of Arrival: To Tynset, small town with groceries, restaurants, pharmacy, train station (Rørosbanen). The path is marked through the city center via the town hall w/tourist information, down the street “Brugata”, passing Tynset hotel (+47 62480600, mail@tynsethotel.no, www.tynsethotel.no), and Tynset Camping, by the bridge over the river of Glåma, NOK 430/cabin. Kiosk (+47 62480311, www.tynsetcamping.no, post@tynsetcamping.no,)

Day 1: Tynset – Vingelen ca. 19 km 
Follow the path over the bridge, further on walkway towards the old center of the village Neby. Turn towards Tynset Church at the milestone (+47 62485560, post@tynsetkirke.no, www.tynsetkirke.no). Then, turn right, uphill and take on to an ancient trail between that has been used since the 16th century. Highest point is "Vesleåsen" (788 M ASL). Uphill until the alpine village "Åsan", pass ridge "Vardtjønn" where the border between Tynset and Tolga runs. To the left Mt. Nonsvola (in Catholicism "Nona Hora" = 9th hour). Vingelen - village in the national park, with park information "Forollhogna", Vingelen Museum and church ( +47 62496593, kirkekontoret@tolga.kirken.no, www.tolga.kirken.no,). Coop Marked, (+47 62494593, mo-fr 9-18/sa 9-17), Café Bunåva, (+47 62780870, open 20.06-10.08), Inn: Tollefsa Gjestegård, starting from NOK 500, old farm from the 16th century (Marte G. + Leif Vingelen, +47 62496200 / +47 91145958). Vingelsgaard Gjestgiveri, starting from NOK 725/ pers in a double room with breakfast (Ingrid Vingelsgaard, +47 99368262, gjest@vingelsgaard.no, www.vingelsgard.no) 

Day 2: Vingelen - Dalsbygda ca. 28 km
Follow the road "Gammelvegen Fv 732" until the path turns left after "Rørtjønna". The road is rising steadily through the forest, runs below the farms and further in easy terrain between Vangsåsen and Kottberget, downhill towards lake Tallsjøen. At "Allmannhaugen" (hill) the medieval road turns toward Båttjønna and further into the municipality of Os. The final part on a road for cars. Dalsbygda - mountain village with groceries and café (open 20.6-20.8, rest of the year fr/sat) Keep in mind that this is the last grocery store before Singsås. Dalsbygda Church (+47 62470343, kirkekontoret@os.kirken.no, www.kirken.no/os-hedemark). Meierigården, apartment with 4 beds in the city center, NOK 200/bed (Randi Brænd, +47 92428141, www.dalsbygda.no, post@fjellfolge.no).

Day 3: Dalsbygda – Såttåhaugen ca. 20 km
Follow the road "Fv 751" for about 300 m until the village road "Brattåsveien" on the right hand side, then road "Vangrøftdalsvn", passing the milestone on an old church site at "Brattåstrøa".  Further on a smooth rise through valley " Vangrøftdalen" leading to an alpine pasture with accommodation and traditional food  per order: Spellmovollen, Mt. Såttåhaugen, 900 M ASL, by the entrance to the national park Forollhogna. NOK 275/bed in chalet/big cabin. (+47 90936246 / +47 91884788 post@spellmovollen.no)

Day 4: Såttåhaugen – Storbekkøya ca. 20 km
Follow the agricultural road from Mt. Såttåhaugen, further on old trail between lake Forollsjøen (1000 M ASL) and Forollhogna (1332 M ASL), crossing the border between the counties of Hedmark and Trøndelag. Open cabin at lake Forollsjøen with one bed, propane, woord-burning stove, equipment. Locked room w/4 beds needs to be ordered in advance at www.inatur.no. 1 km further on the trail: Stenfjellbua and Svarttjønnbua, open cabins w/4 beds (Trond Are Berge +47 99554891).  Accommodation and alpine food in the open air alpine museum Storbekkøya Museumsseter by the path. Café during the summer. (www.storbekkoya.com. +47 47686230). 5 km past Storbekkøya, the community house Klettheim samf.hus  in Budalen offers accommodation for NOK 200/per. Room for ca 20. Shared shower/WC (Heidi Tovmo +47 91845541 or Odd Vårvik +47 90152384). 

Day 5: Storbekkøya Museumsseter - Singsås 18 km
Follow the alpine road and the village road further through the valley. The mountain road begins after the  farm Storli. The path over Mt. Tåvåfjellet has a steep incline through the forest.  After passing the treeline, you will walk by some alpine pastures. Between the peaks of Mt. Vinterskaftet and Mt. Klumpen sits the cabin Pilegrimsbua, unlocked with 2 beds, gas cooker, wood-burning stove (Egil Myhre +47 72435215 / +47 95751406) Fantastic descent to Singsås, small town with groceries (last groceries before Ler), Singsås Church, (+47 72403000, kirkekontoret@midtre-gauldal.kommune.no, www.storen.kirken.no), and accommodation: Kari Maries Sommerresidens, 1 km off the path at "gamle Bjørgen", NOK 350/bed, 4 beds, kitchen, bathroom. Open May 1- Aug 31 (+47 91746303, kari.marie@helmersen.biz). The stave church at the old church site in Singsås by the trail, has been inaugurated in 2012. It's possible to sleep there:  2 mattresses in the tool shed. 
Day 6: Singsås – Okstjønna – Samatun ca. 23 km 
Follow the gravel road/road "Samsjøveien" uphill. You will pass Utstu´u Digre where you can stay overnight(+47 94277578/+47 72435247).  The trail turns left after 5-6 km and follow the river of Sevilla. Cabin Pilegrimsbua ved Okstjønna, by the trail, unlocked, 2 beds, cooking facilities and wood-burning stove (Egil Myhre +47 72435215 / +47 95751406, egil.myhre@gauldalen.no). Swampy stretch leading unto a road to Samatun:  big cabin between the lakes Håen and Samsjøen, owned by the Red Cross of Melhus, beds for 20 people, kitchen, bathroom, drying rack, NOK 150/pers. (Trygve Eggen, tryeggen@online.no, +47 92616111)

Day 7: Samatun - Fremo - Kirkflå/Ler ca. 28 km
After ca. 2 km you arrive at the site St.Olavsknippen with its own well Olavskilde. Then, follow the trail that is turning downhill towards Flå/Ler. On your way from Flåmarka to Frema, you will pass the chalet Heimvollen   (ca. 100 m off the path): NOK 100/pers., 8 beds, gas cooker, wood burning stove, outhouse.  (Tone B. Bjørseth, +47 92086343, tone@oya.vgs.no). Simple accommodation in the freshly renovated smithy smie på gården Kirkflå (Ole Henrik Engan, +47 95024526): 2 beds, outhouse. Bring your own cooking equipment. Water available. Groceries at Ler, 1 km off the path. 

Day 8: Kirkflå/Ler - Rødde folkehøgskole ca. 15 km
A little stteep and swampy in the beginning.  After ca. 10 km along Mt. Vassfjellet, you will pass by lake Øyvindtjønna with its little cabin, two pallets for sleeping, no mattresses/cooking facilities. In medieval times, there was a chapel, the water of its well "St. Evens kilde" has been spoken of as miracle performing in Pillgram history. You can see Trondheim from here and only have to walk downhill through the woods until you reach Rødde folkehøyskole in Melhus: accommodation from NOK 370/pers., access to a small kitchen. (+47 72852910, booking@rodde.fhs.no,  www.rodde.fhs.no)

Day 9: Rødde - Nidarosdomen ca. 18 km
Paved road/farming area before forest terrain by river Nidelven. From Nedre Leirfossen, you follow the idyllic trail by the river via Sluppen Bridge to Tempe. The walk continues on walk-/bike-ways, crossing the river at bridge Elgseterbro, before reaching the  Nidaros Cathedral. Nidaros Pilegrimsgård – official pilgrim reception, accommodation from NOK 350 incl. breakfast, meeting point, registration, stamps for your pilgrim passport, Olav letter, free entrance to the Nidaros Cathedral, pilgrim library, pilgrim priest Einar Vegge (Kjøpmannsgata 1, right by the Cathedral Nidarosdomen, post@pilegrimsgarden.no, www.pilegrimsgarden.no, +47 73525000)

You can find maps and more daily stages online: at pilegrimsleden.no (Østerdalsleden)

Practical information:
Arrival: TRAIN: "Rørosbanen" between Trondheim and Oslo via Hamar to Tynset st.
Accommodation and food: Bring a sleeping bag. Contact the accommodations in advance. Keep in mind that there is poor coverage for mobile phones on parts of the trail. Food needs to be bought for several days.
For more information contact: Lia Gård, +47 62 46 65 00/+47 404 13 778 retreat@liagard.no or Toralf Neraas, +47 954 00 691, toralf@pilegrimsgarden.no.

Have a great trip!       


189 km 9 days
Spellmovollen mountain farm

Spellmovollen mountain farm

Phone:+47 909 36 246 /+47 918 84 788
Address:Vangrøftdalen, 2550 Os i Østerdalen
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