Skaun - Nidaros Cathedral - Trondheim

Enjoy the view over Trondheimsfjorden, just like thousands of pilgrims have done before you. Experience varied nature on the path through green fields down to the shoreline at Gaulosen.

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The trip can start with an extra night at Skaun Parish House, a self-service accomodation right next to Skaun church. Here you meet smiling and helpful volunteers, that will get you settled. There is a grocery store right by. The volunteers can also take you to the see the beautiful Skaun church. Remember to make contact in advance, also if you just want to see the church (which is locked). 

The pilgrim path begins at Skaun church, and goes uphill to Husaby. Further up the path you are passing Skaun bygdemuseum before the pilgrim path connects with the old road to Trondheim. Eventually the landscape opens and you get a nice view over Trondheimsfjorden and Bymarka. Continue to Buvika where you will find the first option of accommodation on the journey; Kleivan pilgrim hostel.  They offer a bed and homemade meals in calm and beautiful surroundings.

From Kleivan the path goes down to the bay and follows the shoreline until you reach Gaulosen. Here you will be picked up and carried across the fjord in a rowboat. On the other side you will find Sundet Gård (Sundet farm). Here you can stay the night in a nice courtyard and sleep in a Stabbur (traditional storehouse) that dates back to the 1100s.

A few kilometers after Sundet Gård, you reach Leinbakken and at the top you will be greeted with a stunning view of Gualdalen. The pilgrim path continues across Kastberga. After you passes through the forests of Bymarka you arrive at historical Sverresborg and Trønderlag Folk museum. Here you will find sites including the ruins of a medieval castle, and a medieval stave church.

Before you begin the final stage of the pilgrim path, take a short detour and go to Feginsbrekka. This is a good place to get an overview of Trondheim and the Nidaros Cathedral.  This is the place where medieval pilgrims for the first time saw the cathedral and they had arrived safely to their destination.


Recommended time of travel

  • May, June, July, August, September, (October)



  • By plane to Værnes, Trondheim and take the bus into the city.
  • Bus from Trondheim to Børsa and a cab to Skaun church
  • Accommodation: Book the accommodation early


Day Destination Km Accommondation

Skaun kirke – Kleinvan

Kleinvan -  Sundet gård



Kleivan pilegrimsherberge


Sundet gård – Nidarosdomen







  • By bus, train and/or plane from Trondheim.


General information


  • Follow the markings along the path
  • You have to book the rowboat
38 km 2 days
Skaun Museum

Skaun Museum

Phone:+47 72 86 72 00 (Skaun municipality)
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Address:Husaby, 7357 Skaun
Opening hours:Year around
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Feginsbrekka - the hill of joy

Feginsbrekka - the hill of joy

Fra toppen av Steinberget er utsikten over byen uslåelig.

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Coop marked Skaun

Coop marked Skaun

Phone:+47 72 86 46 40
Address:Venn, 7357 Skaun
Opening hours:Monday - Friday:
0900 - 2000
0900 - 1800
Sunday closed
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