Sylte - Gudbrandsjuvet (gorge)

A good day walk from the charming town of Sylte to the magnificent waterfall in Gudbrandsjuvet

15 km 6 hours Map Invite a friend

From the pier in Sylte you can follow the Valldals path up to Korsbrekka and further in to Valldalen (the Vall-valley). Pass the bay stone at Døving Chaphel, then start walking on the path they locally call the Olavs Way, due to St. Olavs journey through the town in 1028 - 1029. The trip keeps going onwards to Alstad. Here you will find the known landscape hotell Juvet and the area called Gudbrandsjuvet (gorge), which is a part of the national tourists roads. A spectacular waterfall flows throug the thigt gorge, which is i a beautifull end of the days vandering. 

15 km 6 hours