Sylan - Nidaros 2019

How to meet other pilgrims in Norway without searching high and low. In this guided walk you will meet other interesting people and together you will focus on what is important in life.

9.900 NOK

160 km 9 days Map Order Invite a friend
  • Skarddøra

  • Rest at Knallen

  • Kirkvollen

  • Dinner at Vertshuset Caroline

  • Selbusjøen

Every day we walk part of the route in silence. This way we will be able to enjoy the amazing nature for Trondelag County in Norway.  While walking, we become more and more aware of the present moment. Your guide will be Hilde Kirkvold, who has been leading this pilgrimage tour for the past 6 years. Join us for a 9 days walk along the old pilgrimpath, from higlands to spruce forest, from the Swedish border to the pilgrim Capital of Trondheim. We will ensure that your luggage is transported between the accommodations so you do not wear yourself out by carrying your luggage yourself.

Since this walk takes several days it is posible to start from ⌘Sylsjøen (160 km) or from *Gressli (100 km); see plan below. You may also sign up for Shorter distances, but those who intend to start at Sylsjøen or Gressli and do the Whole trail will be given priority. In July we have deliberatley chosen to arrive in Trondheim one day before the Feast of Saint Olav, and we recommend that you spend a day of rest here. Deadline for registration is 15th of June/15th of July. We have a limit of maximum 12 and minimum 7 participants. The total cost for the pilgrimage is NOK  9.900 or 1.200 pr day. This includes guiding, overnight stays, meals and transport of luggage. Any cancellation must be made before 1 of July/1 of August. Please note the following: It is only possible to book for one day/one night, or more. If you cancel Your booking after the 1 of July/1 of August, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of NOK 1,000.

Paths and plans are subject to minor changes. We reserve the right to cancel the pilgrimage in case unforseen events that preclude its implementation.

18⁄7 or 18/8 Form home – Trondheim airport,  Bus to Kirkvollen, Kirkvollen, bed
19⁄7 or 19/8 ⌘Sylsjøen – Stugudalen, 18 km, Kirkvollen, bed
20⁄7 or 20/8 Stugudalen – Ås⁄Kirkvollen, 23 km, Kirkvollen, bed
21⁄7 or 21/8 Ås⁄Kirkvollen – Gressli, 15 km, Spongtun samfunnshus ⁄camp bed
22⁄7 or 22/8 *Gressli – Flora 14 km, Folkvang samf.h. ⁄camp bed
23⁄7 or 23/8 Flora – Selbu curch 22 km, Menighetshuset ⁄camp bed
24⁄7 or 24/8 Selbu curch –Selbustrand 15 km, P. Morset Folkehøyskole/madrass
25⁄7 or 25/8 Selbustrand – Mostadmarka 15 km, Mostadmark kapell⁄ madrass
26⁄7 or 26/8 Mostadmarka – Sakskvik 24 km, Vikhammer søndre⁄camp bed
27⁄7 or 27/8 Saksvik – Nidaros 17 km

The pilgrimage reaches its destination at Nidaros Cathederal. We may help you with booking accomodation at Comfort Hotel Park in Trondheim from the 27th to the 28th.

How to get there?
We will start walking from Sylsjøen on the 19th. A local bus to Tydal leaves from Trondheim at about 14:00 the 18th.  We´ll pick you up at the busstop here at Kirkvollen. 

160 km 9 days 18.07.- 27.07.2019 and 18.08. - 28.08.2019
Selbu local museum

Selbu local museum

Adress:Gjelbakken 16, 7580 Selbu
Phone:00 47 73 81 67 48
Openinghours:Every day from 21th of June - to the 24th of August, kl. 11.00 - 17.00.
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St Mary's Church and St Mary's watersource

St Mary's Church and St Mary's watersource

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