The Østerdalen Path from Kirkflå to Trondheim

Approaching the city by foot along the pilgrim path is a new twist on hiking in the Trondheim region. This itinerary stretching 36 km moves along varied forest and marsh terrain, past Øyvindtjønna at Vassfjellet mountain with its strong pilgrim traditions, further towards Tillersletta with its beautiful farmland, and crosses Nidelva river by Elgeseter bridge right next to Nidaros Cathedral.

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  • Kirkflå, Melhus Foto: Guro Berge Vistad

  • Foto: Aslaug S Haugen

  • From Øyvindtjønna towards Trondheim Foto: Guro Berge Vistad

  • Nidarosdomen Foto: Nidaros Pilegrimsgård

The trip starts by taking the bus from Trondheim - check the timetables at Nettbuss and find the bus to Støren. Disembark at Ler and follow the signs to "Fremo" and "Kirkflå".

After 1000 meters lies Fogdgården Borten on your right-hand side, before the hill up to Kirkflå. Starting your pilgrimage with a night here is an experience. Fogdegården Borten, which can be translated to "bailiff's farm Borten", was the residency of the regional bailiff from 1813-1901, as well as a place to rest for travellers. Today the estate is used for farming and the buildings is taken great care of.

If you would rather continue your pilgrimage, walk uphill for approximately 800 meters and you'll find the pilgrim mark at Kirkflå. From the road you'll see a memorial stone of the church sites that used to exist in the area. Further the path follows a river terrace in approximately 170 m altitude before the elevation increases and reaches 5-600 meters altitude. Along the edge of Vassfjellet the path passes Øyvindtjønna, a pond area where both written and archaeological sources claim that a chapel was situated in the Middle Ages. The site was thus a natural resting place for pilgrims on their way north. You can also see Nidaros Cathedral glimpse in the distance.

You will now enter areas of dense forest and after a while reach Rødde Folk High School where we suggest you spend the night. The first kilometers of the second day's leg go through farmland and uncultivated areas. Old Tiller church site and Tiller Church are passed along the way, as well as Upper and Lower Leirfoss. From Lower Leirfossen follow the pleasant riverside promenade along Nidelva to Sluppen bridge before you continue along the riverside to Tempe. The last stretch of the trip follows sidewalks and cycle routes before the river is crossed at Elgeseter bridge and you reach your goal Nidaros Cathedral.

The trip can either be done over two whole days with two nights of lodging at Fogdegården Borten and Rødde Folk High School respectively, or over two whole days with one night of lodging. Each leg can be done in one day without to much effort. Due to the forest and marsh terrain adequate shoes are recommended. You can rent sheets and linnen and buy food at both the farm and the school.

Distance and altitude
Ler to Fogdgården Borten – approx. 1 km.
Fogdgården Borten to Rødde – approx. 18 km.
Rødde to Nidaros Cathedral – approx. 17 km.
Difference in altitude of approx. 500 meters.

36 km 3 days


Øyvindtjønna ligger i et skar mellom Vassfjellet og Litjfjellet. Stedet har hatt stor betydning for vandrere gjennom tiden og var et viktig stopp for pilegrimer.

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Øyvindtjønna Hut

Øyvindtjønna Hut

Open:Year around
Note:Remember sleeping bag, sleeping pad and food.
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