Kristiansund - Ørland - Trondheim

Fourth and last leg on kystpilegrimsleia. The travle takes you by costal express and bus from Kristiansund to Trondheim. Make sure to stop to see the beauty of the Norwegian culture along the way.

From Kristiansund to Trondheim

Total ca. 260 km


  • koastal express, bus, - find information at
  • Parts of the leg can be travled on foot

Kystpilegrimsleia is a St. Olav way which stretches from Egersund in the South to Trondheim in middle of Norway. - This leg from Kristiansund to Trondheim is the fourth and last leg on Kystpilegrimsleia, and it holds lots of historical places and beatuiful landscape. The pilgrimway goes from Kristiansund by the Kostal express (kystekspressen) with goes by Edøy on Smøla, Sandstad on Hitra , Brekkstad on Ørlandet, Rissa and statsbygd and then futher to Trondheim. This leg can be travled by boat the entire way, so to reach some of the key locations along Kystpilegrimsleia one have to travle of the Pilgrim Way at some of the points, which shall be described later. The points of interest along the way are Kvernes stake church south of Kristiansund, Edøy/Smøla, Dolm church, hopsjø handelsstad on hitra, frøya med Sula, Ørland med Austrått, Indre Fosen med Reins Kloster, Museum Kystens Arv and Nidaros chatedral in Trondheim

Suggestion for an pilgrimage

Day 1

from Kristiansund one take the Koastal Express (kystekspressen) to Edøy on Smøla (50min). At Smøla one can find the known Kulisteinen just a 45 min walk from the pier, and of course the old church on Edøy. By the pier the famous outdoor theater "Guri Spelet" is being held from 11 - 14. of July. We reconmend to take a bus to Veiholmen which is a beautiful fishing village far vest out on the achipelago of Smøla. Later the pilgrimage keeps on by taking the kostal express from Edøy to Sandstad on Hitra (1H 17min), then take buss further to Dolmsundet/Hopsjø Handelstad (45 min) and visit dolm church. you can find accommodation on Hitra, Dolm or Frøya. 

Day 2

Take buss to "hurtigbåtkai" Koastal express pier in Frøya and travle by boat to Sula (2H). The town of Sula lies farest west in the ocean, and here one can visit Sula Lighthouse and curch. then travle back by boat to Sandstad on Hitra and further to Brekstad on Ørlandet (48min). Here in Brekstad one can visit Austråttborgen ("castle") about 4 km on foot from the pier. Ørlandet is also a very good place for bird watching. Accommodation can be found on Ørlandet Kysthotell or Hovde gård(farm).

Day 3

Start the day by taking the coastal express from Brekstad to Hasselvika (Rissa – 15min). Then by bus travle to Reins monestary and get a tour. Here you can wander in the forest right by aswell. Later take the bus to Stadsbygd (25 min), and visit the museum: Kystens Arv, where old traditional wooden boatbuilding are being diplayed and maintained. Here you can rent boats for a smal rowing trip or sail with a crew. During the summer a historical play/theater called Den Siste Viking “the last viking” are being preformed here. After visiting the museum you can travle from Stadsbygd to Røvik by bus and ferry over the fjord to Flakk, then further to Trondheim in the same bus (1H). From Trondheim sentral station there is only 1 km to Nidaros Cathedral. Visit an get a tour in the cathedral. Later go behind the cathedral, across the graveyard to Nidaros Pilgrim Center “Nidaros pilegrimsgård”. Here you will get the Olavs letter and the stamp in your pilgrim passport. Also there are accommodation possibilities at the pilgrim center.


Contact information to accommodation possibilities 

Kristiansund Dalabergan Rorbuer 905 91 003
Kristiansund Kristiansund Vandrerhjem  71 67 11 04
Kristiansund Gjestehuset 455 07 704
Kristiansund Thon Hotell Kristiansund 71 57 30 00
Smøla Smøla Havstuer 955 59 370
Smøla Hopen Brygge Hotell 975 88 025
Veiholmen Posthuset Gjestehus  450 81 282
Veiholmen Vågarbryggå 
Veiholmen Havkroa 
Hitra Dolmsundet Hotell 72 44 04 40
Hitra Hjorten Hotell 404 45 010
Knarrlagsund Fjellvær Gjestegård 72 44 01 32
Frøya Hotell Frøya 72 46 45 00
Sula Sula Rorbuer og Havhotell 938 25 218
Sula Sula Fyr 
Dolmsundet Hopsjøbrygga 403 23 385
Brekstad Ørland Kysthotell 72 51 33 00
Brekstad Hovde Gård 72 51 59 00
Brekstad Austrått Camping og Motell 906 42 570
Brekstad Brekstad Gjesthus 405 21 009
Hysnes Kommandantens gjestgiveri  918 08 975
Rissa Rissa Hotell og Brakkerigg 73 85 08 50
Rissa Overlandshaugen
Stadsbygd Mastua - Gamle Helset  995 11 857
Stadsbygd Museet Kystens Arv 73 85 55 60
Stadsbygd Heggli Urtehage Bed&Breakfast  tlf. 73855389 / 41768637
Trondheim Trondheim Vandrerhjem 73 87 44 50
Trondheim Scandic Solsiden 21 61 46 00
Trondheim City Living Schøller Hotell & App. 73 87 08 00
Trondheim Nidaros Pilegrimsgård 73 52 50 00
Frosta Klostergården 74 80 85 33

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