Through the municipality of Trysil

The Pilgrim Way through Trysil leads us through deep forests and with the river guiding us – before open mountain landscape take over in the northern part of Eltdalen.
All together 85 km, from the the Swedish border to the south and up to the border of the municipality of Rendalen, where we will have the first stop at Munkbetsætra.

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We recommend the following book: Pilgrimsleden genom norra Klarälven och Trysil, where the text will be found in both english and swedish/norwegian. The book is published in 2007 as a team project between the Museum Center of Trysil/Engerdal and the municipality of Torsby, Sweden (ISBN 978-82-90927-00-9)- An excellent travelguide which gives us knowledge about history, special attractions and curiosities, and it gives also good maps for an overview.

In the following you will find informaion about distances, places to spend the night and places to fill up your supplies along the pilgrim way through the municipality of Trysil.

Day 1: Lutnes - Plassen 15,5 km  
Arriving from Sweden you must notice that the Klara Elv changes its name to Trysilelva. By the community house Oddheim by the river in Lutnes, roughly 3 km on the Norwegian side of the border you find Dagfinnstua, a cabin with 5 beds. There is an outdoor dry toilet. The area around the community house Oddheim is very beautiful where the river Lutua meets Trysilelva. Here you find a suspension bridge and the official Trysil Pilgrim milestone for the track, where it states that you 379 km away from Nidaros. You can reach Plassen and Lutnes by the schoolbus. (Departure from Trysil centre Innbygda every schoolday at 14.21 hours and reach Lutnes East at 15.20. After 22. June contact Hedmark Trafikk tel nr 177).

You might have a problem crossing the river at Groena, about 7 km north of Oddheim during the flooding in May/June. One is planning a bridge here. If you need help crossing the river: Marga +47 97045221 / or Ola +47 99458926, 

Overnight stay: Cabins owned by Gjerfloen Fluefiske (Flyfishing): 1 cabin 1 km south of Plassen and another cabin 3 km north of Plassen.
Mandfloen is a small and charming small farm, restored in traditional style, and situated close to the track that here runs on a ridge with a good view to the farm, 2 km north of Plassen church.
At the hamlet Plassen there is a grocery (open Mon-Thurs 09-17 hours, Fr 10-19 hours, Sat 10-15 hours, tel no 62450955 , The picturesque Plassen church is here, built in timber 1907.  

Day 2: Plassen - Kolos 8,5 km, Kolos - Nybergsund 11,5 km, Nybergsund - Øråneset  5,5 km
Alternative 1: On foot from Oddheim, Mandfloen and Gjerfloen, stopping at the farm ”Kristoffers” close to the track, 3 km south of Nybergsund (+47 480 69 111; or at Grasmo Villmarkscamp, also 3 km south of Nybergsund the distance will be approx. 15 km
Alternative 2: If you stay overnight just north of Plassen and carry on to stay overnight close to Trysil centre Innbygda, the distance for the day will be 23-24 km. You can stay for the night at Trysil Youth Hostel/Øråneset Hyttegrend, 2 km south for the centre or at Trysil Hotell & Restaurant in the centre. In the hamlet of Nybergsund you should not missing the “King’s Park”, where King Haakon VII and Crown Prince Olav found shelter for German bombers in 1940.  The busses from Oslo and Elverum stop in Nybergsund centre.

Dag 3: Nybergsund – Gammelleiret 18 km, Øråneset – Jordet 15-17 km
Alternative 1: If you have choosen to stay overnight before arriving Nybergsund you may choose Gammelleiret for your next stop. This place has probably been a campground for pilgrim also in the old time. Here you’ll find a small cottage with mattresses, situated just on the track about 11 km north of Trysil centre, (contact, +47 95840061) About 21 km.
Alternative 2: If you at the end of day 2 have slept over in Trysil centre, Innbygda, it will be relevant to walk all the way to either Trysil camp, Fredbo, a little north of the track in the hamlet Jordet or to the Community house in Jordet, just on the track (+47 415 43 705/416 10 954) In Trysil Centre, Innbygda, you will find many shops, pharmacy, and Trysil Church from 1861 as well as the oldest outdoor museum in the country, just on the pilgrim track: Trysil Bygdetun. The track towards Jordet leads us steeply up Grimsåsen, the path the pilgrims choose to be able to see the direction of the river and the track further north. If you should wish to start your pilgrimage from Trysil Centre, you can easily reach the site with Trysilekspressen, bus from Oslo. 

Dag 4: Gammelleiret - Jordet - Nøsledammen  18 km, Jordet - Eltdalen 18 km 
Alternative 1:  From Gammeleleiret via the hamlet Jordet towards Nøsledammen, an old dam constructed to provide sufficient water for the logfloating. There is an open cabin owned by Jordet hunting and fishing club. You will find a fireplace and benches, but no mattresses.
Alternative 2: From the community house at Jordet or Trysil Camp/Fredbo to the Community House at Eltdalen the distance is 18 km. (Birthe Øverby,, +47 474 55 865). 
In the hamlet Jordet there is a new church, built in 2000, 1,5 km west of the pilgrim track. In Jordet centre there is a grocery (open Mon-Thurs 09-17, Fri 09-18, Sat 09-17). 

Dag 5: Nøsledammen - Eltdalen grendehus - Munkbetsetra
Walking in this mountain terrain you will cross the border into Rendalen Municipality. Before that you will find a sign Leirsetra, where there is an old burial mound from year 600. This was discovered during road construction in 1964. The mound, a hunter’s grave at 820 m.asl. contained arrows, remnants of a sword and other items. When Munkbetsetra is manned you can buy traditional mountain food. From here the pilgrim track is marked all the way through Rendalen and Tynset municipalities to Trondheim. Your first stop after Munkbetsetra (8 km) will be an open cabin at Osdalssjøen. It will be another 40 km before you reach the next centre with groceries, accommodation and bus transport at Åkrestrømmen in Rendalen Municipality. 

Practical Information:
Bus: Trysil Express daily between Oslo and Trysil. Travel time 3,5 hours. Leaving from Oslo Bus Terminal or Oslo airport Gardermoen (tel no +47 48166900;
Accomodation:    Sleeping bag is mandatory. Please contact in advance your favoured destination site. Be aware that mobile cover is not always optimal.
Contact person: Parish deacon Birthe Øverby,; or birthe.overby@gmail,com; tel no +47 474 55 865 or the Church office +47 474 55 861).


85 km 5 days


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Eltdalen Community House

Eltdalen Community House

Phone:+47 474 55 865
Address:Eltdalen, 2420 Trysil
Charge:NOK 50
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