Oslo: From the Medival Park to Old Aker Church.

This short pilgrimage starts in the Old City in Oslo. Here you will find several of the preserved remainders of medieval Oslo and the churches which have served as starting points for pilgrimages in medieval times.

  • Foto: Roger Jensen

  • Foto: Roger Jensen

Duration: About one hour.
Starting point: The Medieval Park (Middelalderparken) in Oslo. Take tram 19 (direction Ljabru) or bussline 34 (direction Ekeberg) from Oslo Central Station. Get off at the "St.Hallvards plass". On the other side of the steet you see the Momorial Park with the ruins of the St.Hallvard Cathedral, here you find the starting point of the Gudbrandsdalsleden, the St.Olav Pilgrim Path from Oslo to Trondheim. Follow the tram-track and before you reach the next stop, before the bridge, take to the right entering the the Medieval Park. 
End point: Old Aker Church (Gamle Aker kirke).

At the starting point in the Medieval Park, you will find ruins of monumental buildings dating back to the middle ages, and an artificial water surface in the park displays the waterfront as it appeared in the 1300s. The pilgrimage continues toward the remainders of the Maria Church (Mariakirken), the ruins of the king`s palace – constructed under King Håkon Magnus V Magnusson, the Klemens Church (Klemenskirken), Church of the Cross (Korskirken) and Hallvard Cathedral (Hallvardskatedralen). The ruins of Olaf Monastery bear witness of the vivid heritage from Olaf the Holy in Oslo.

Venturing out of the Old City, your walk continues towards the old working class suburb of Kampen and Kampen Church. Passing Tøyen, you will be able to see the Botanical Garden, the Museum of Natural History and the Munch museum. Before you cross Aker River, you might enjoy stopping by one of the many cozy cafés at Grünerløkka. Across Aker River, you can follow Kjærlighetsstien (The Love Trail) until you reach the charming wooden houses in Telthusbakken Hill.

This short trip ends in Aker Church, which is one of the oldest marks of the cross that you can find in eastern Norway. If you visit the Maria Chapel, you can see a depiction of the Midgard Serpent (Midgardsormen), which expresses how pre-Christian mythology and perception of reality was being embedded into a new Christian worldview. Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824), founder of the Christian Haugean movement and industrial entrepreneur, is buried at this cemetery. 

The Pilgrim Centre of Oslo is located next to the Old Aker Church. Come by for information about pilgrimages in Norway, the Pilgrim Café is open most of the summer! 

1 hour