Experience the pilgrim route St. Olav’s Way by bike, from Östersund to Trondheim, 7 days

Price per person from 9900 SEK

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Viking king Olav Haraldson went ashore in Selånger and then crossed Medelpad and Jämtland on his journey back to Norway. He reached Stiklestad but there he died in battle on July 29th 1030. He was canonised a year after his death and his image can be seen in the church of Frösön. He is buried in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, which early became an important destination for Christian pilgrims. The route St. Olavsleden stretches 564 km from the Gulf of Bothnia to the Atlantic Ocean. The Swedish-Norwegian part of the trail begins in Selånger outside Sundsvall and runs through a varied landscape of large forests, river valleys, agricultural grounds and mountains until it reaches the blue fiord by the ocean. 

Day 1, Östersund – Alsen ca. 54 km Enjoy your first day on bike. Stay over night in Wången, in nice huts 

Day 2, Alsen – Åre ca. 66 km Stay over night in the alpine resort and village Åre, in a bed and breakfast. 

Day 3, Åre – Medstugan ca. 54 km Stay over night in the youth hostel in Medstugan  

Day 4, Medstugan – Stiklestad ca. 58 km Stay over night inStiklestad hotel where you will have dinner and be accommodated for the night in pilgrim rooms. 

Day 5, Stiklestad – Munkeby ca. 20 km Take the opportunity to try the beer and cheese produced locally by the monks from the nearby monastery. Dinner will be served by the hosting farmer Hakon. 

Day 6, Munkeby – Ersgard ca. 60 km Dinner is served in the nice pilgrim hostel at Ersgard. There are showers and indoor accommodation in old-fashioned double rooms.  

Day 7, Ersgard – Trondheim, Nidaros ca. 55 km The last few kilometers go right through the heart of Trondheim until you finally reach the goal of your journey – the Nidaros Cathedral, where Saint Olav’s remains are buried.

In Nidaros you will receive your well-deserved pilgrimage diploma.  Practical information You will cycle along St. Olavsleden mainly on gravel roads, large paths and small asphalt roads. You set your own pace and decide where and when to take your breaks and have your packed lunch so that you can enjoy the sites and the scenery along the route. We will transport your luggage from day to day, which means you only have to carry what you need for the day (packed lunch, thermos/water bottle, repair-kit and extra clothing). For this route we recommend you use either a cyclocross bike or a hard tail cross country bike. You can either bring your own or rent a bike when making your reservation (price approximately 500 Sek/day). In certain places along the trail you can choose different routes depending on the terrain you prefer. 

This is included

Simple, shared accommodation (varies between pilgrim shelters, hostels, camp site cabins and hotels)
Breakfast, day 2-7 (except day 4)
Dinners, day 1-6 (except day 3)
Packed lunch, day 2-7 (except day 4)
Luggage transport (one piece of luggage per person)
Route information 

Price per person from 9900 SEK 
Please note that we need a minimum of 6 participants per group. This will be arranged on request. 
For booking and information contact the organizer www.aktivut.se, mail: info@aktivut.se 

357 km 7 days