From Kløfta to Jessheim – a pilgrimage through the farmlands of the Iron – and Middle ages.

The walk from Kløfta to Jessheim leads you along the Romerike pilgrim path, which gives you the chance to see several types of culturally important farmlands. This trail goes near the homes of many interesting sights, such as northern Europe`s largest burial mound, multiple churches of Saint Olaf, and a spring closely linked to the heritage from Olaf the Holy.

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Duration: 1 day
Starting point: Kløfta. To get to Køfta take the train from Oslo Cetral Station, direction to Dal (L13), and after 33 minutes get off at the Kløfta station. When leaving the station area follow the Ullersmovegen to the right until it meets the Ilevegen. Continue along the Ilevegen as it enters into the Pilgrim Path following the bridge crossing over the Highway E6. 
End point: Jessheim. At Jessheim there is a train station where you can take train back to Oslo or furhter north.

This walk is a long one day trip starting in Kløfta. You can reach Kløfta by traveling by train from Oslo, walk from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, (view train schedule and and prices) or walk the entire way from Oslo to Jessheim. If you walk from Oslo, you can find accommodation at the storehouse (stabbur) at western Arteid. However, if you would like to finish this trip in one day, it is recommended to start at Kløfta Station and continue towards Ullensaker Church. All the pilgrim paths in Akershus County are suitable as starting points for bicycle riders.

From the station follow Kongsvingervegen and cross the E6 before you enter the pilgrim path at Galgehaugen. Soon after, you reach Ullensaker Church, also called the Romerike dome. The first known church on this site was built in the 1200s and was dedicated to St. Olaf and John the Baptist. From the church continue on the road north for approx. two and one-half km.

As you reach Ulleren and continue on to Hovin church, you are following one of the oldest known roads between Oslo and Nidaros. Further, you will encounter Bjørke farm, where there have been several impressive burial ground finds, dating back to the first centuries after the birth of Christ. When you reach Hovin farm, you might note that the farm is named after Hovin because of its position as a power center in pre-Christian times, and that it was the heart of Romerike during the Iron Age. After the christening of Norway, the first church in Hovin was erected, and the church you can see there today is a wooden cruciform church, inaugurated in 1695.

After passing Hovin, you will reach Raknehaugen - one of the most spectacular cultural heritage sites from the northern European Iron Age. Raknehaugen is a burial mound, and is built on soil, sand and 75 000 logs of timber. It is believed that building the mound demanded the effort of 500 men for the duration of six months. Further, the pilgrim path follows a very distinctive sunken road towards Haug farm. This has been where the main road across the area of Romerike has been situated for close to 2000 years.

In the yard take off from the pilgrim path. Follow Haug Allé, to the ancient road Gropaveien that crosses the railway line and the highway. This takes you to Gardermoveien, where the tarmac begins again. Follow Storgata to Jessheim train station. Alternatively walk through the beatiful lane at Haug farm take right when you get to the road, rv. 178. Finally, you will end your one day pilgrimage in the city of Jessheim. See scedule for bus and train.

If you would like to prolong your pilgrimage you could easily start in Oslo and spend the night at the storehouse at Arteid Vestre farm, before continuing towards Jessheim. 

The walk is 13-14 km long and well suited for a days hiking. 
Kløfta - Ullensaker church 2 km.
Ullensaker church - Hovin church approx. 7,5 km.
Hovin church- Jessheim approx. 4 km.

13-14 km 1 day
Ullensaker Church

Ullensaker Church

Phone:(+47) 639 26 520
Open:Service every Sunday at 11:00. The sexton/verger will be working on the churchyard during the summer, he will open the church on request. For groups wanting to see the church, call: (+47) 66 10 81 45.
Distance:At the path
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Hovin Church

Hovin Church
Phone:(+47) 66 10 81 45
Open:Service every Sunday at 11:00. The sexton/verger will be working on the churchyard during the summer, he will open the church on request. For groups wanting to see the church, call: (+47) 66 10 81 45.
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