Dovre Church - Kongsvold Mountain Lodge

Follow the pilgrim path crossing Dovrefjell, one of Norway’s most stunning areas. Find yourself in a scene from a fairytale while you walk in this magnificent mountain range.

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  • Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl

The pilgrimage begins at Dovre church and passes Olavskilden, a holy water source, by the ruins of the old church in Dovre. The path continues to Tofte, an old royal family farm which is mentioned in the Snorri’s sagas, and has been a welcoming place for travelers for centuries. You can also start at the farm Budsjord, also at farm from the Middle Ages, and used to be owned by the Archbishop of Nidaros (Trondheim). From Budsjord follow the path upwards through the forest and up into the mountain range. Here you will meet a countryside that invites you to find tranquility.

While crossing Hardbakken, the path will go past Allmannrøysa, 1210 meters above sea level. From here you will get a beautiful view over Fokstugu and further to the plains at Dovre. Here you also will be able to see the mountains Snøhetta and Svånåtind in the horizon. Here you find Fokstumyra, the first protected area in Norway. The day ends with accommodation at Fokstugu mountain lodge or at Furuhaugli. Fokstugu has its origin as a “sælehus” that was built early in the 12th century on order from King Eystein Magnusson. He had sælehus built on both sides of Dovrefjell to provide shelter to pilgrims on their journey across the mountain range.

On the second day you will continue towards Hjerkinn. At Hjerkinn you can visit Dovre pilgrim center, co-located with the Norwegian wild reindeer center. On the pilgrim path you will walk past ruins of a sælehus at Vesle-Hjerkinn (Little Hjerkinn), and proceeds to Eystein Church. Stay at either Hageseter tourist cabin or Hjerkinn mountain lodge.

The third and last day you will continue on the Old Kings road across Hjerkinnhø. From the top you can look northward and see Drivdalen and Oppdal. At this point you are almost at the final destination, Kongsvold mountain logde, which also has a background in one of the sælehusene King Eystein had built for the medieval pilgrims.

Recommended time of travel

  • June, July, August, (September)



  • Travel to Norway by plane to Gardermoen, Oslo or to Værnes, Trondheim.
  • Continue by train (Dovrebanen) to Dombås station. (
  • For transportation to your accommodation, either to Toftemo or Budsjord, you have to inform them about your arrival.
  • Accommodation: Book the accommodation early.
Day Destination Km Accommodation

Dovre Church/Budsjord - Fokstugu/Furuhaugli



Fokstugu mountain lodge or Furuhaugli


Fokstugu/Furuhaugli - Hageseter/Hjerkinn



Hageseter tourist cabin or Hjerkinn mountain lodge


Hageseter/Hjerkinn - Kongsvold mountain lodge


Kongsvold mountain lodge




  • Take the train from Kongsvold station to either Trondheim or Oslo (Dovrebanen).

General information


  • The path is a part of the Gudbrandsdalen path.
  • The weather in the mountain range can be a bit harsh at times, even during the summer. It is therefore important to bring along good clothes, suited for Norwegian weather, and make sure you have some extra provision.
53 km 3 days
Fokstumyra nature reserve

Fokstumyra nature reserve

Open:Year around
Note:No entry outside path in the nesting season 01.05 - 01.08
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