Budalen - day trip

From Synnerdalen in Budalen to the museum village Storbekkøya Museumsseter (possible to make a side trip to Lake Forollsjøen). Mountain area ca 1100 – 1200 m ASL.

  • Forollsjøen-Synnerdalen

  • Synnerdalen

  • Forollsjøen-Synnerdalen

  • Storbekkøya

The tour requires driving in two cars because of the long distance on the road (12 km between start and finish).

Drive to Budalen’s center Enodd (ca 30 km from Støren-central in the municipality of Midtre Gauldal). Continue to drive southwards the valley with both cars till you reach the museum valley Storbekkøya Museumsseter (ca 13 km). Leave behind one car at the parking area there. Keep driving southwards the valley about 12 km and so you will reach the road’s end: the parking area Hognarasten which lays most south in Synnerdalen (altogether about 55 km from Støren). You can see Mount Forollhogna in the south, as you are driving the last kilometers. The mountaintop with its 1332 m ASL towers majestically above the whole mountain area.

Start the walk with crossing the bridge. Here you will find the signpost to “Forollhogna”. Follow the marked path southwards along the river. Soon, the path turns upwards to the hills, passing a mountain pasture and further up to Grønnlia on a clearly visible dirt track. The climb is quite steep there. After a while, you will pass the clearly visible stone “Kvilstenan” with a bench for resting. Then, the land is more plain and easier to be walked. Follow the path further south towards Forollhogna.
After a total of about 3 km walking, you will arrive at the signpost "Forollhogna». Do not turn here if you want to walk the pilgrim’s path. Walk some more and you will find the path shortly behind the post in a crossroad with post/box/pilgrim’s sign. Now you can choose whether you want to make a side trip, walking the pilgrim’s path southwards to Lake Forollsjøen (ca 2, 5 km each way). Or you walk the pilgrim’s path northwards till Storbekkøya Museumsseter, ca 13 km from the crossroad.

Side trip to Lake Forollsjøen: follow the marked pilgrim’s path (red and with pilgrim’s symbol) southwards. A little vague track in the beginning, but it’s getting better afterwards. At your right hand side, you can see the municipality’s highest mountain: Forollhogna (1332 m ASL). After ca 2, 5 km you reach the lake’s north end with its fine sandy beach. Several memorials of Sami culture as well as a newly set up open hut (2013) for accommodation (2 beds) are located there. The hut is owned by the mountain administration (fjellstyre). In addition, there is a peninsula in Forollsjøen, called Mulegga, offering several boathouses. You can turn here or – in case you are really sporty – climb up to the peak of Forollhogna where you will get an amazing view over the mountain area (if the weather is nice).

Northwards towards Storbekkøya: Follow the path from the crossroad, walk northwards after the mountain range, to the east of Synnerdalen. The pilgrim’s path is marked red, with pilgrim’s symbols and many cairns that have been standing there for a long time. There is a climb up to Storvarden (1180 m ASL) which you can follow up until you reach the top and get a nice view to see both Trollheimen, Sylene and Mount Vassfjellet (if the weather is nice). From Storvarden on, the terrain is pretty plain and it is easy to walk northwards to Tange, about 1100 m ASL. During the last kilometers after the alpine road, the descent to Storbekkøya is quite steep. Storbekkøya is a museum farm and both an attraction and an idyllic scene with many cultural memorials by the river Bua, several chalets, a blacksmith’s shop and coal mines. The ironworks are dated back to 300 AD – from Roman Times and Viking Age, refurbished in 2013. There is also a 2, 5 km long, authentic cultural trail, restored in 2013. Farm food is sold on weekends during the summer half-year. Accommodation on request.

2 days trip: After a night in Storbekkøya, you can walk the way back southwards to the parking area, 12 km.

Storbekkøya Museumsseter
Synnerdalen, 7298 Budalen
Heidi Tovmo Tel +47 91845541

16 km
Bu ved Forollsjøen

Bu ved Forollsjøen

Phone:+47 995 54 891
Distance:At the trail
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