Aktivut - tailormade pilgrimages along the St. Olav path

Aktivut can give you a tailormade walk or bikeride along the St. Olav path

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If you hike or bike your pilgrimage along the St.Olav´s Path does not matter it is your own experiences that is in focus. There are maps over the St.Olav´s Path for both hikers and bikers which makes the access very easy. During our pilgrimage packages we normally offer luggage transport so you only carry what you need for the day in your back pack or on the bike. Aktivut also help out with bike rental, accommodation, meals if you prefer and guides if you prefer. Take your time and talk to the locals along the way, take off to the St Olav springs and the view points and follow your own pace from Stiklestad to Trondheim through the beautiful Scandinavian nature with a vivid wild life and bright evenings.

Contact Aktivut for tailormade hike or bike pilgrimage trips along the St.Olav´s Path.
www.aktivut.se, info@aktivut.se

1 - 30 days