Rena - Tynset

Experience the tranquility of nature in the Østerdalen path. Walk in a thrilling scenery of forest terrain and open mountain landscape. Experience the wild nature with abundant wildlife which offers a peaceful atmosphere.

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  • Foto: Lia Gård

Begin the pilgrimage by following the path through forest terrain in typical nature of the Østerdalen path. At the end of the day you will get to Tollefkoia, a cottage with room for eight people. It has cooking equipment, water, firewood and an outdoor toilet. 

Continue along the pilgrim path the second day in the beautiful scenery. You will have the opportunity to experience the forest’s peace and serenity.  At the end of today’s pilgrimage you will reach a cabin used by loggers that can accommodate eight people. It has cooking equipment, water, firewood and an outdoor toilet.

On the third day the pilgrim path begins along Storsjøveien. It continues upwards up to Trollhytta - the destination of the day. Trollhytta is a cabin used by lumberjacks and hunters with room for eight people. It has cooking equipment, firewood and an outdoor toilet. It is also located near drinkable water.

Continue on the pilgrim path the fourth day through woodland. The path will vary from solid path to less solid, so you might get a bit wet! It passes the beautiful Trolltjønna. Spend the night at Netsjøhytta, in an old fisherman’s cabin. Here you will have cooking equipment, wood and outdoor toilet. Access to drinking water in the lake, not to mention there is a rod in the cabin. Netsjøhytta can accommodate 7 people.

Next day offers woodland trails, roads and marked paths. Today’s pilgrimage ends at Lia Gård.  It is possible to get picked up at Bakmyra, 4 km before Lia Gård. Lia Gård offers everything from single rooms with a bathroom, to cabins with facilities for cooking, electricity and an outdoor toilet. Take an extra day, rest here and relax. Food can be purchased.

From Lia Gård the path continues across Bjønnåsen and past the Greek Orthodox Fotinis chapel. From there it goes down and crosses Highway 30, before continuing up Blåbærstien and then to Moraveien, the ancient Kings road. The path is well marked and solid. Stay the night at Fiskvik farm in a renovated cabin.

Follow Moraveien the next day and pass by the Pilgrim monument at Åkre towards Otnes center. Accommodations are found in a pilgrim cabin.

Continue on Route 30 northward on the last day. Get off the route 30 and follow the road to Hornset. In Øvre Rendal you will pass the Bull Museum (open from June to August) and Øvre Rendal church. Shortly after the church the pilgrim path continues on a dirt road to the left towards Smedberget Pilegrimstun. This is an accommodation for pilgrims with 5 beds in three rooms plus mattresses. It has a washroom, shower and cooking facilities.

Next three days mountain-walk to Tynset. 

Recommended time of travel

  • June, July, August, (September).


  • Flight: Oslo, Gardermoen
  • Train: To Rena train station
  • Accommodation: Book accommodation in advance at either Rena camping (62 44 03 30,, or Trudvang hotel (910 11 123).
Day Destination Km Accommodation

Nesvangen, Rena-Tollefkoia









14 Trollhytta


9 Netsjøhytta

Netsjøhytta-Lia Gård


Lia Gård


Lia Gård-Fiskvik Farm


Fiskvik Farm


Fiskvik Farm – Otnes, Ytre Rendal 


Pilgrim cabin, Otnes


Otnes - Øvre Rendal


Smedberget Pilegrimstun, Øvre Rendal

9 Øvre Rendal - Skorsåsetra 18 Cabin
10 Skorsåsetra - Søndre Kvannsjøen 12 Lavvo
11 Kvannsjøen, Tylldalen - Eliavangen 12 Skicabin
12 Eliavangen-Tynset 18 Tynset Camp&Motel



  • Bus from Øvre Rendal to Koppang or Tynset. From Tynset to either Oslo or Trondheim by train.

General information

  • The path is part of the Østerdalen path
  • Remember to charge your phone.
  • At several of the accommodations you need a password/code to be able to use them. Receive them by calling Lia Gård (+47 404 13 778) before departure from Rena.
  • At most of the accommodations you can buy canned food and small bags of soup. Bring coins and small bills.
  • Ytre Rendal church (+47 408 06 840 – church office)
  • Otnes center: Stores closes at 18.00. Gas station closes at 21.00
  • Øvre Rendal Church (+47 408 06 840  – church office)
  • Øvre Rendal: stores closes at 18.00.

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185 km 12 days


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Address:Strandvn 16, Otnes
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