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Stiklestad Pilgrim Center

For the pilgrims

Stiklestad Pilgim Center cooperates closely with Stiklestad nasjonale kultursenter og hotell when it comes to offers and information for the pilgrim. The reception is open 24 hours a day and pilgrims are offered both discounted hotel rooms and historical accommodation at the medieval farm Stiklastadir. It is also possible to get a tour of the museum and the medieval church from 1180. Stiklestad church is open during the summer season every day at 11:00 -18: 00.

Historical Accomodation

Stiklestad Cultural Center has a medieval farm called Stiklastadir, where you can experience both the longhouse and guesthouse. Pilgrims have an unique opportunity to spend the night in historical surroundings at the pilgrim loft or the medieval loft.

The Battlefield Stiklestad

Stiklestad Pilgrim Center is located on the very battlefield where the Viking king Olav Haraldsson, later St.Olav, was killed in 1030. Stiklestad is located approx. 100 km north of Trondheim and is an exciting place to visit for pilgrims hiking on St. Olavsleden.

The center's organization and tasks

Regional Pilgrim Center Stiklestad AS is owned by the municipalities of Verdal, Levanger, Frosta, Stjørdal and Malvik, together with Stiklestad National Cultural Center and Nidaros Diocesan Council. The Pilgrim Center receives extra funding from Trøndelag County and the National Pilgrim Center, as well as through various projects.

The Purpose of the Pilgrim Center

The company's purpose is to develop pilgrimage as a tourism product along St. Olavsleden by:

  • Facilitate for the pilgrims to experience the history, culture, nature and spirituality of the trails
  • Give pilgrims information about St. Olavsleden
  • Develop the network of hosts along the St. Olavsleden
  • Market pilgrimage along St. Olavsleden
  • Ensure and coordinate maintenance of St. Olavsleden
  • Build corporate networks along St. Olavsleden

Cooperation across Norway and Sweden

Developing and operating St. Olavsleden in two countries is a major task that requires a coordinated interaction between several different groups such as. accommodation, business, municipalities, church, volunteering, etc. Regional manager Heidi Brimi at the Pilgrim Center Stiklestad and Putte Eby, project manager for St. Olavsleden in Sweden, know this. Together they ensure the good pilgrimage experience from Selånger in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway.


Lisa Skjellfjord
Tlf: +47 977 29 953
Constituted Manager
Visit Innherred v/Anne Haga
Tlf: +47 995 73 854
Tourism Manager for the area of Innherred




(+47) 932 17 739
Adresse:Stiklestad allé 350
Åpningstider:Weekdays 08:00 -16:00. 24-hour open reception at the cultural center.
Merk!The Pilgrim Center does not have its own booking. Accommodation must be booked directly with the hotel: www.stiklestad.no
Pris for overnatting:From NOK 350,-
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