Oslo Pilgrim Center

Pilgrim Center Oslo is located at St.Hanshaugen congregation, just by Gamle Aker church (Akersbakken 30). At the center you can buy a Pilgrim Pass, guide books and get information about the Pilgrim Paths in Norway. We are often in the office, but if you are planning a visit outside the high season, we recommend that you book an appointment in advance. We are here for you!

The natural starting point

The Pilgrim Center Oslo is one of twelve regional pilgrim centers along the nine pilgrim paths in Norway. The center is responsible for the pilgrim paths in the Oslo region, in addition to providing advice on pilgrimages along the Gudbrandsdalsleden (west and east route), Tunsbergleden and parts of Borgleden.


Do a Pilgrim Walk in Solidarity for Ukraine!

531 km - that's the length of the Camino Ukraine de Santiago. This pilgrim route starts in Kyiv and goes to Lviv and further on to Santiago de Compostela. You are invited to do a pilgrim walk from Kyiv to Lviv, not in Ukraine, but where you live. Walk a stage or more locally in solidarity with Ukraine!
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How to be well prepared

At the Pilgrim Centre you get all the information you need for your pilgrimage. You can buy your pilgrim credential, badges and stickers to have on your rucksack or jacket. We have overview map and guidebooks in all available languages (Norwegian, German, Dutch, Italian, English). We have knowledge of temporary adjustments and changes to the path and the places of accommodation. – All it takes to make you well prepared!
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Borrow a Hammock!

The Pilgim senters in Oslo, Hamar and Granavollen has a hammock project this summer! You can borrow a hammock (with mosquito netting and tarp) in Oslo and deliver it in Hamar or Granavollen. This is a free service! (The project is supported by the municipality of Viken)

Pilgrim walks for all to join!

Here you will find information about pilgrim walks in your region and how to sign up.
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Blessing of Pilgrims

At the Pilgrim Centre of Oslo you can also, independently of your confessional or religious belonging, receive the pilgrim's blessing. Experience how it is to be sent off on your pilgrimage the same way medieval pilgrims started their pilgrimage, with a blessing. Every pilgrim receiving the blessing also receives a blue or green ribbon to help you remember the blessing you have received. – When at the pilgrim centre, remember to ask if the pilgrim priest is available to give you the blessing!

A Pilgrim Journey to Vadstena

Vadstena, the Holy Birgitta and two Pilgrim walks. The pilgrim priest, Hans-Erik Lindström, will be our guide in Vadstena and lead one of the pilgrim walks. October 5 – 8, 2023
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At the Pilgrim Center you can buy the new book Pilegrimsboka

The Pilgrim Associations in Norway

Do you wish to become more involved in the pilgrim movement in Norway. Then you are welcome to join one of the pilgrim associations in Norway.
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The Pilgrim Center in Oslo has been part of an Erasmus+ project from 2018-2021. The application for this EU-project was done together with Oslo University, and it was called «Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices». Panhera means "Pilgrims Accommodation and New Host Expertise in Rural Areas".
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Profile picture of Anna Runesson
Anna Runesson
Tlf: (+47) 480 52 949
Regional leder
Phone / Address:Phone: (+47) 480 52 949
Addresse: Akersbakken 30, 0172 Oslo NORWAY

Low season (September - May):
We are often in the office between 9am.3.30pm, but if you plat to visit outside the high season, we recommend that you book an appointment in advance. We are here for you!
The center is also open during events and you can follow us on the website or Facebook.

High season (June-August):
During high season we are open every day of the week 9am-3.30pm.