Nidaros Pilgrim Center

Nidaros Pilegrimsgård is beautifully situated by the river Nidelven, close to the cathedral. A quiet place, in the heart of the city.

At Nidaros Pilegrimsgård you are warmly welcomed by our host. Here you get the last stamp in the passport, The Olav's letter and a pilgrimage mark which gives free entrance to the cathedral. Here you also get reasonable accommodation and the opportunity to have a snack in our nice café. Sit down in a good chair, take a rest, and share your unique story with other pilgrims and lokals.

Nidaros pilgrimsgård is also the information center for the St. Olavs Way - Pilegrimsleden to Trondheim. Check in before you leave, for helpful tips and guidance for walkers before staring your pilgrimage.

Pilgrims can spend a reasonable night at Nidaros Pilegrimsgård by displaying stamped pilgrim passports. We also have an open café with all rights. As a pilgrim, you can enjoy the offers of our pilgrim partners around the city.

Nidaros pilegrimsgård offer nice rooms for tired pilgrims.

Pilgrim Accommodation

Prices an opening hours can be found at, booking

  • Private parking is possible on site (reservation is needed) and costs NOK 150 per day.
  • Free wifi.

For questions, contact us by phone: +47 73 52 50 00.

Pilgrim prices for accommodation

Pilgrims can book a bed in the dormitory at a reasonable price, or rent a room with a discount. Visit, pilegrim booking.

  • The pilgrim price is valid for 2 nights only. For guest nights beyond this, our standard rates apply.
  • Dogs are allowed! inform us of the extra guest when booking a room. An extra fee will be added for the dog.

Remember to bring a valid pilgrim passport that shows you have walked the Pilegirmsleden.

Pilegrimspriest by Nidaros pilegrimsgård

Pilgrim priest Einar Vegge has an office at Nidaros Pilegrimsgård and can participate in and arrange organized pilgrimages on request.


Ingeborg Collin Høgseth
Tlf: (+47) 940 02 308
Toralf Neraas
Tlf: (+47)95400691
Regional Manager
Einar Vegge
Tlf: (+47) 922 00 171
Pilgrim priest
Torunn Trædal
Tlf: (+47) 73 52 50 00
Tor Inge Eikrem
Tlf: (+47) 922 00 322
Project Manager

Phone:+47 73 52 50 00
AddressKjøpmannsgata 1, 7013 Trondheim

The Olavs Letter

The Olavs Letter is only issued here at Nidaros Pilgrimsgård, and is proof that pilgrims have walked the last ten miles towards Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. The pilgrim's passport is presented with stamps and endorsements as documentation. In the pilgrim reception, pilgrims will receive confirmation that they have completed the pilegrimsleden by stamp and signature.
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